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To Simply Love Yourself enough, to Love Everyone and Everything - as Divine Plan
- all conflict ceases to exist and the Garden of Eden IS - Reality...Rae

Detail of painting by Rae Chapple from original by Sophie Anderson


if you would like to host a
Broken Shackles Seminar
or Channelling Day
in your area.

About Rae

Rae works as an Angelic channel for Archangel Metatron, The Great One, and Archangel Michael. These Loving Entities, and others, are with us to assist in the attainment of graduation status of the planet Earth and All upon it.

Broken Shackles Seminar: A unique, 2 Day interactive exploration & celebration of freedom toward Mastery, accompanied by Metatron, Archangel Michael & The Great One.

Channelling Days are held during which information and wisdom is channelled from these Loving Entities, allowing participants to interact directly.

Rae Chapple is a Reiki Master & Teacher of the Usui Method.

A Teacher & Practitioner of
Electromagnetic Energy Sciences

A Crystal Facilitator and Teacher

Simply Love

Rae Chapple

Phone: 61 8 83732869

Wayville, South Australia, 5034