The Angel Within
The firmaments crumbled
  and with a great rumble
  all came undone.

House upon house tumbled down
  as everything around
  fell to the ground.

All that is found,
  is not as before -
The sound of laughter replaced by anger –
  rancor glueing Lot to the spot where she died.

Now - no place to hide,
  but to weep
  as life’s blood seeps
   deep – away.

Pray, pray, pray
  for your soul’s redemption
  for all is in your hands.
You are the Creator of your destiny –
   Creator by choice.

Use your voice in prayer
  to repair the broken firmament.
Use you voice to sing
  and bring harmony to all things.

See your great Wings unfurl
  as you repair your broken heart
  aware now - the firmament and heart
  are one and the same.

Rise above shame and abject misery
  and claim your name –
  -   Creator!  -

Claim your name.
Claim your power,
  for the hour is upon you -

  to begin anew!


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Simply Love  -  Rae Chapple