Brothers in arms

Armoured/Amoure’d with love!

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron The Great One and Lord Michael,

May 2000

Blessed Ones,

Again we meet – as brothers in arms.  Allow Love to disarm any alarm for I/We who speak are Metatron, Lord Michael and The Great One.

We greet you as brothers in arms – brothers in love.  Love is what arms us – love!!!  Love is our/YOUR armour.

Love - the essence of all Being!!!

What you all soon will be seeing is a mighty fight – a mighty battle.  There will be a great rattle of cages – rages of eons surfacing – ages of manipulation and control of every soul who has been here.  (I saw peoples in countries fighting between themselves, political factions fighting each other, religious factions fighting each other, huge buildings falling, family/”family” groups confusion – conflict, devastation)

All of it – all of it will appear in your face.  It will place you on the brink of applying –

“As you think, so you will sow.

As you sow, so you will reap”.

Ah! – (pause) – Brothers in arms – keep this in mind as I ask these questions.

“What – brother – are your lessons?” 

“What – brother – do you wish to reap???” 

“What do you wish to reap?” 

“What do you wish to stand for – or more to the point – which way will you walk?”

“As the “battles” confront you – what comfort will you seek – what will you bathe in?”

“Are you too – in a cage that is being rattled, ensconced in a “battle” – or are you free?”

“Are you free?”

“Are you at liberty to wear the armour and think and walk and talk – what you know?” –

- (pause) – That Love heals all wounds – heals the broken heart, confusion?”

“Will you allow love to be the whole of you – not just a part of you when it is convenient?”

And – (pause) – “are you ready to forgive – (pause) – everything?!!!”

“Everything – forgive everything???”

“Are you ready – are you steady, and ready on your feet to walk your talk?”

No half measure – (pause) – the lot!!!

Already, many of you personally have battles raging firmly in your face.  We ask you to truthfully place yourself squarely in the emotion you experience and be honest with how you feel – for the opportunity of forgiveness is concealed within the emotion.  Until you look totally, truthfully at the emotion – acknowledge its existence and honour it – forgiveness is unable to be accomplished.

We witness – many of you sighing and wondering why you continue to be “assaulted” “Not another lot!”  Well – we have got news for you Blessed Ones.  These battles will come thick and fast, thick and fast – until you can – at last – see the “absurdity” in it.  Until you see that while you battle and not let Loving forgiveness in – you will never “win” – you will have to continue doing battle – have your cage rattled until you set yourself free.  Free to walk in liberty – to walk in freedom – to walk your talk of love!

Your vulnerability - of being free – standing outside of the cage (cage - patterning, belief systems) that has imprisoned you for an age – is your greatest strength.  The length of each bar is pushed aside as you abide in the vulnerability of love – the vulnerability of allowing someone to see your true feelings – and that someone may not be another – it could just be you!!!

So – brothers in arms – what is it to be? – Vulnerability, freedom and Love – or the apparent security of your cage?

“Are you ready to strut your stuff – along with us – and sing?” – (pause) -

“All you need is love.  All you need is Love.  All you need is Love, Love; Love is all you need.  Love is all you need.  Love is all you need.  Love is all you need ------“

Heed how you think – for that, you know – is how you sow.  And – (pause) – if love is all you need – everything leads from that!

This is the way it is to be for many of you.  It is a test – you see.  A test as to how you will weather the storms – the battles.  It is an opportunity for you to be free to walk into the millennium with hope, faith and certainty that – (pause) –

All you need is Love!

Walk with me – walk with us – arm in arm – Armoured/Amoure’d - in love.

Your brothers at/in arms

Metatron, The Great One and Lord Michael.


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