The Constancy of  Change!

Channelled by Rae Chapple for The Great One and Metatron
14th February 1998

(For some reason, Metatron and The Great One just "launched" into this channelling.   Rae. )

Much research will expose the naked truth, that many’s perceptions in the past, can no longer last.

research into atomic/subatomic structure will find that as two opposite particles are aligned, a resulting "gap" will expose what those "outside" have been seeking.  ("gaps" are like pathways by which energy is able to "travel" and be harnessed – there seemed to be a need for a state of “unbalance for this to happen)

The maps by which all matter has been charted is reeking of inconsistencies - elements missing.  Scientists have been insisting that their theories hold true.  They have been "twisting" - resulting in a "skewed" reality. 

two new elements will shortly “come to hand”  which will demand a closer look at how all the books have been written.  (I am not familiar with the periodic table, however I "knew" that I was "seeing" it with corrections being made.  I also saw molecular/atomic models being rearranged)  

the "gap" will show how unseen particles "flow".  boundless energy!  How matter may be changed, rearranged into totally unknown structures.  Alchemy of matter!  The illusion  shattered and formulated into a new reality for all the world to see.

So - the principles, by which current perceptions of mass - will become as if an “ass” has created the formula.  Be aware that the formula was for man to share - to know at a certain point in time - to enable him to define his existing reality.  (man had not been sufficiently advanced in his spiritual state to have access of the information yet to come)

Soon it will be for all to see - as have so many perceptions before - that within Universal Law, no thing is constant.  all is in a state of change – change is the only constant!  And as once was believed that the Earth was flat, then found to be round – again - understanding of Earth's physicality will change.  Mass, motion being rearranged.  Newton’s Law no longer being of same measure - much to some people’s displeasure!!

And soon the two moons will appear.  Already much nearer than you think.

new spectrum of colour/light will become evident  - outside of the "visible" spectrum.  (not even seen by current measuring methods)

new sounds/tones will have those already awakening “shaking”.   And new ground breaking research into "medicine" will knock those currently working with sound - off their perch - unless they are prepared to loosen their grip and allow the old ways to slip and embrace the new.

colour/light and sound/tone will abound within new modalities of healing.

electromagnetic/crystals  energy systems will create the realisation of how fickle present energy systems are.

Research into solar flares will reveal the glaringly obvious misconceptions espoused.  They  (solar flares) house innate energy/knowledge/ wisdom, creating a new vision of the solar system.  pathways are/may be traced by these flares by those who are aware of such matters.

earth’s frequency will take another step and those adept at working with such energies will see their modality undergoing rapid change.  (feng shui, mapping, magnetic polarities and alignments)

All will be able to take place in harmony, which will depend upon whether it is viewed alarmingly with resistance, or allowance and ease.

We are pleased with the progress many are making as they assess their current position and allow the division of their time between everyday matter and their ability to stay aligned and in balance.  For this will enhance the ease of all transitional change without feeling too much a "squeeze"

We are The Great One and Metatron.


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