The Day Has Come

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Archangel Michael

17th February 2000

Greetings, Greetings, Blessed Ones,

The day has come when all will be exposed.  And do you know what it is?  Do you know – also – that as you think so you will sow and as you sow so you will reap.  Yes?  We assess you may have guessed that - about which we are to speak – about which you seek. 

It is about the meek – those who are able to turn the other cheek and forgive. 

It is about all that which will be revealed – that has until this time- been concealed.  It is about all the congealed blood that has been spilt – swords up to the hilt in bodily flesh.  It is about how the thoughts of the ones wielding those swords are enmeshed with their actions.  It is about the distraction of body and mind, which finds retaliation.  It is about the need for salvation.  It is about all deeds undone as you all heed the word.  It is about the fall from the State of Grace, as all of you face an uncertain future.  It, Blessed and Dear Ones – is about the larger – the bigger picture.

Look and listen – and be richer for it.  Riches await those who line up at the gate of heart’s desire.  Spirits elate at the fire of transition as you all seek out your new position in which you choose to stand.  Riches await those who desire to expand their greater consciousness.  Riches await those who desire to create in the Heavenly Love which rains/reigns on you from above and from within.  It is the time to begin the journey!

This, Dear and Blessed Ones, is a win, win situation – the salvation of Mankind as He finds his rightful inheritance.  His rightful inheritance – as the Dove of Peace lands at His feet.  The Dove of Love.  Love is peace.  Release all bondage and pay homage to Love.  Surrender to Love and rise above all earthly desires of ego.  Forgo all wants and hate and make a stand and take your rightful place at the right hand of His Greatness.

We address here – each and every one of you – not just a select few.  Each and every one of you is able to “do” this “thing”.  Each and every one of you is able to sing songs of joy as you employ your newfound awareness.  Each and every one of you brings a wealth of experience, a wealth of pain to remember – to remember – never to be in pain again.  Each and every one of you belongs – belongs.

The day has finally come when you may all join as one.  The day has finally come when you realise how strong you are.  The day has finally come when you realise the star you are.  The day has finally come when – not one, not one thing - can bring you down.  Let your hearts sing and rejoice with joy.

Replace the frown with a smile – all the while knowing of your truth – your connectedness.

There are no bounds to Love.  There are no bounds.  Love is unlimited.  Love makes All.  Love shakes the sleeper awake.  Love is.  Love is.  Love is.

Be Love

Be Love.

Be Love.

Be the Dove of Love/Peace.  Release all from bondage and pay homage to the Loving display within and around you.  Begin this day.  Begin this Day.  Begin this day in Love and pave the way to Eternity.

We are the fraternity of Lord Michael.


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