Fear - Your Friend

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron
13th August 1998

Dear Ones,

I am meeting with you and greeting you with Love.  I am Archangel Metatron and I come this day with news, and to enthuse with Loving teachings and advice.

to win the constant battle over fear, which so often rears itself in one form or another in your life, is to see the mantle of fear as your dear friend.  It is there to send you a message, to help you begin to see the joy in the folly.  Wisdom employed, the fear silently slips away, paying its last respects, for you "see" what you did initially neglect to "see", in the folly of fear.

You see to draw fear so near, so close to your face, you place yourself on the brink of beginning an understanding of what you did think was fear, is indeed a dear friend. - One who wishes to help you amend your thinking and instead of shrinking from the fear, be thanking it for what it is presenting to you.

You see, while you continue to fear, you draw it near to you.  It stays with you, affecting all you do.  It is continually at your side.  You cannot hide from it.  It continually reminds you to look at it.

How many of you have shook from fear, from anger, another aspect of fear?  How many of you know of these feelings and others similar?  How many of you have had all around you reeling from the ramifications of fear, as it appears to leer in your face?

Oh!  My Dear Ones, fear is there to place you in a position, to either treat yourself with further derision, or consult it.  To consult fear, you vault over the obstacles you have tended in an attempt to block out the fear.  You are able to then see what fear is; a friend, a great teacher and adviser, giving you the opportunity to be your own seeker of lessons solutions.  And whatever the lesson be, the possibility is then there for you to become aware of it, amend your thoughts and ways - to live in peaceful harmony with your new found friend.

All depends on how you choose to view fear.  All depends on your intent to amend inharmonious thoughts and actions.  All depends if you wish for further distractions, preventing you seeing the input you achieved, to bring the fearful situation close to you.

It is indeed your choice how you voice your thoughts, how you consort with situations.  You may choose to consult the fearful situation and experience the elevation to a greater understanding, or choose to continue in fear and trepidation.  Whichever way, let us say, it is all there for the lesson, whichever way you wish to think and act, as you stand on the brink of fear.

You are all so very dear to us.  We suggest you consult all those fears, which place you under so much duress, and the seeming mess you find in your life.  You have all created the fears, allowed them to come into manifestation into your life, and, with the very act of fearful creation, you also created the solution!   The strength and conviction upon which the fear was initially brought into being, is also there for you to find the solution and end the confusion!

The profusion of "helpers" available to you, to render assistance, is immeasurable.  However, we are unable to lend a hand unless we have your command to do so.  Whether you believe it or not, you have got nothing to lose if you choose to enthuse with Love and ask for help from these “friends”.  (Guardian Angels etc.)

And so you indeed, may also discover another very valuable friend, as you proceed through the doorways of your fears.  Fear: that very dear friend who wishes to be recognised as such.  And through this recognition, much wisdom may be gained as you are able to change and rearrange fearful circumstances and situations, into ones which Lovingly enhance your life. 

Let me impress upon you -

       Where there is fear, there is no Love.

       Where there is Love, there is no fear.

Whilst you are in fear, you are unable to "see" the Love that you, and it (fear) can be.  When you dwell in Love, the fear that was, settles as the Dove of Peace at your feet.

Until we meet again and I greet you with Love,

I Be, your beloved,



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