Truthful Feelings

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron & The Great One
5th September 1999

Greetings, Greetings,

It is indeed good to be meeting with you all again.  We are The Great One and Metatron from The Great Central Sun.  There are many others here this day seeking a meeting with you.  Pay close attention to where you sit and feel the comfort they offer……(pause)……  Some may feel a tingle, a chill……(pause)….  no, you are not ill!!!  -  you are feeling your colleagues who are here to offer a hand.  Some still, may feel great warmth, a sense of relaxed tiredness.  Be aware of your colleagues who wish to share with you.  They are there for you – all you need do is recognise that though you are possibly unable to see them with your eyes – you will be able to feel – feel – take the time to feel……….(pause)………...   Lift your eyes from this page and engage with how you feel…..(pause)……  

It is real – Yes?  You may feel mostly on your hands and arms – at the crown, the back of your neck and down your spine…..(pause)….  You are doing fine.  Some may feel sensations all over.  No, the room is not cold – you may feel a slight breeze – a movement of air – are you aware of it?  There is no need to despair if a feeling is not obvious - it will come.  Give intent, for unless you do, you prevent yourself from recognising.

You see – being in touch with your feelings will be revealing much to you.  This you need to do to allow you to recognise truth.  burying feelings/emotions buries truth.  Suppressing feelings and emotions, suppresses your innate ability to see/seek solutions- which we do not need to elaborate on, other than to say it causes confusion!  and, again by suppressing feelings/emotions you also suppress and deny contact with your colleagues (Guides, Angels etc.) who, are eagerly awaiting your recognition. 

By making the move – by giving intent to feel, will indeed possibly open a can of worms.  Those suppressed feelings (anger, frustration etc) will squirm to the surface to see the light of day.  Your colleagues are also there though – to help you become aware of the wisdom waiting to be declared, as you face what is revealed – released from the prison in which you concealed them.  This is a win win situation if you choose to face the pain, for when faced and understood you never need them again. 

many of you are becoming aware of your colleagues who wish to share with you, their expertise.  They are deeply honoured and pleased to do so.  Many of you have experienced vivid dreams – it seems as if you are awake in the experience, which confuses and amuses you.  This will continue – becoming stronger until you no longer deny they (dreams) are a part of you.  Let us tell you why this is happening. 

In your wake state you make assumption of how you think/feel things are.  Oft times you are far from the truth – but many of you are becoming closer to the truth.  In your sleep state you make journeys to other realities of your possible existences.  You make journeys to consult with your colleagues, who many of you believe, or know, are there to share wisdom and knowledge.  There really is no need to forage around in the dark.  all you need do is ask – ask your colleagues.  That is your part initially.  Then there is a need to be smart and recognise synchronicity.

If you choose to continue to wear the mask of a fear, your colleagues are still as near to you as when you recognise them.  However, the mask also masks their presence.  You are still as dear to them even when you are unable to understand.  However, all you need do is give intent to feel and ask, “what do i need to know?” and they will show you.  An Adept is one who has taken those steps and feels and knows due to the total connectedness to the Essence of Being.  This may take a while – being totally in touch with your feelings and colleagues – but as with a child’s smile at the first step, the child knows it won’t be long before the first tentative step is running. 

it is practice which is required to allow you to walk and run at a smooth gait. practice – and a master you will surely make!!!

Feelings will be revealed which you need to consult.  That is when the vault doors will be opened to obtain the mastery OF – not over – your feelings, heralding that the Master is awoken and spoken truth.  Feelings/emotions, aligned with heart and mind.  We remind you – your colleagues are there if you wish to share with them – when you are ready.  feel the feelings – steady as you go – know this is a heady ride ahead of you as you work with, and apply your truth.

We abide in Love and Honour for you and all that you be and do.

Feel the feelings.  Know we are with you.

We bid you adieu.


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