Healing Tears

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron
8th September 1999

Dear Heart & Dear Ones,

I Am Metatron,

Dear Heart, what you have experienced today is just the start of understanding the way the body moves/behaves.  (I had experienced a severe bout of hay fever that morning)  As you were “shown”, denying the feelings – the emotions – allows you to be thrown off course.  Suppressing the feelings/emotions leaves you guessing why you have come down with hay-fever, a cold, or any other malady.  The truth of the matter is that by suppressing your feelings/emotions you shattered the opportunity to do two things:

One – remain healthy.

Two – gain the wisdom from the experience relating to the feelings/emotions.

By suppressing them (emotions) pretending they are not there, you finally, are no longer able to be aware of the gift the emotions were bearing.

And Dear Ones, I hear some of you swearing that any dilemma you are currently in, or been a party to, can in no way bear a gift.  Well, allow yourself to consider the rifts you find, or have found yourself in, were indeed gifts – gifts, a golden opportunity for you to see how the emotionality of the occasion was gifting/presenting you with the opportunity to considerable insight.  The emotional feelings you were/are feeling is the barometer as to whether the situation is right/appropriate for you, allowing you to see what you need do.  They are revealing something to you.  It is the opportunity for you to see another way.  By suppressing your emotional feelings, you delay the solution.  So – honour your emotions/feelings.

Now allow us to present where confusion reigns – where the emotional feelings can be fully suppressed – And you may have guessed – Yes! – It is when the mind kicks in!  First of all you may begin to feel guilt, anger, hurt/pain.  Be alert to these three.  Again these three present an opportunity, a second opportunity--------.  However the mind takes over and you find yourself justifying your actions and thoughts.  Denying the original emotional feelings to run their course – you project outside of yourself, aiming the second group of three outwardly - your mind/mental’s attempt to protect you from your original feelings.  Your mental has a vested interest in its attempt to protect, for it knows by allowing the expression of the original “sting” (emotion) it will bring its role into question.  there is a need for your mind/mental to control all your feelings and emotions to enable it to play its customary role. --- control.

This is where confusion reigns.  Your emotional feelings wanting full expression and your mind/mental telling you expression of your emotions is an indiscretion.  your mind/mental has been programmed, in your current lifetime, by all of your parental – religious – society’s  patterning – it is just doing the job it has been taught!.  When emotional feelings are expressed, your mind is caught off guard, it goes to sometimes extreme measures to make life hard for you.  -  Remember – it is only doing its job – fulfilling the role it was taught.

It takes a very courageous person to resort to honouring their feelings.  Most times the emotions experienced need to be so extreme – usually from either a severe illness or physical trauma – before the need to express emotion appears to the recipient.  This often is a last ditch effort by the physical to gain recognition of the extreme hurt/pain of the original painful occasion.  Then – the other two feelings kick in  -  anger or guilt  -  and depending which one, the outcome presents the corresponding consequences.  Again the mind comes into play and “defenses are up” – denying the original emotion. The mind “externalises”, unable to allow the opportunity to find the core emotional situation – until the true reason is so covered over it would take a jack-hammer to move.

There is another result of suppressed feelings and emotions – the body begins to shut down – usually in an illness, which can lead to the death of the individual.  The physical becomes so toxic with suppressed emotions, it “gives up the ghost” by meeting its demise.

Now, let us help you realise one of the roles of the eyes.  eyes can Love, hate, despise, show compassion –  the full range of feelings.   In your language you epitomise aspects of these in song or word.  Who has heard, or seen “The look of Love” - “The look of hate” - “Anger flashed in his/her eyes” - “I can tell by the way he/she looked at me” - “The eyes are the window to the soul (truth)” - “Her/his eyes shone with compassion”?  Who has heard these words – seen these looks?  you could write a book about how the eyes respond to emotion. You all may also realise the other role the eyes play, apart from seeing/perceiving – eyes shed tears!  They shed tears of Love – tears of joy – tears of anger – tears of hurt/pain – tears of despair.  These you all know.

And Dear Ones, allow us to tell you what is in those tears, what role they play.  They play a truly unique and specific role.  They play the role of truth – they play the role of counsellor/arbitrator – they play the role of releasing toxins – tears play the role of healer.  They play the role of healer!!!

tears allow you to see your maker – you!!!  Your are your Maker of your physical reality of everything you think, say and do.  You are your Maker in this physical existence.  you!!!  Your tears wash away blindness to emotion.  tears release the emotion – emotion which in some cases, has been suppressed for years.  Who has heard the expression “She cried buckets of tears” – “She cried until there were no tears left – all tears were spent”?  Who has done this – done this?  Tears of sadness, anger, hurt/pain etc. contain “substances” relating to those emotions, as do tears of joy.  These “substances” contain specific information relating to the emotion and its specific area to the body.  When tears flow – these “substances” act like a key – they unlock the emotions and toxins stored in the area of the body – the emotion and toxins, which contribute to illness, or potential illness, in that area.  The toxins are expressed from the body through the tears.  Toxins are also expressed by other means, but it is in tears that the emotion – the core – is released.  When emotion/feelings/tears are suppressed, these “substances” are unable to be released.  The action of crying releases the emotion from the body – emotions the mind/mental has been denying be released!

The mind/mental attempts to shore up emotions behind locked doors.  This leads to “war” inwardly and ultimately, outwardly.  Little boys being told not to cry, locks up emotions and is the reason men go to war on every front.  And you may be sure if girls are denied the need to cry they will do the same!  Heard of the saying “A woman scorned………..”?  Be forewarned.  When emotions are denied by a woman – especially if she is denied Love – she has, coupled with her procreative ability, the potential to be extremely destructive in one form or another.  A woman, or girl, for that matter, will deny her own procreative ability and all that it entails – suppressing her very power to create life – the creative ability turned against herself and others.  Tears allows pent up emotions released.

Taste them – taste your tears.  When tears are released – taste them.  You will know – they will show you the emotions behind them,  they will taste bitter, acid, salty.  Tears of joy taste different – they taste sweet – sometimes first mingled with bitterness if there had been concern behind the joy.  Try it.  You will even know by taste, the “remembrance” of the occasion the emotion was suppressed – if your mind allows!

Your scientists have discovered specific substances in tears.  As yet they don’t know half of it!!!  These substances offer a key to longevity – tears are a key – a key to healing the body.  you have all of your healing substances within you.  You really do not need “outside” stimulation.  Your discovery of your medicines is the opportunity to view the “original” within you.  Let your tears of Love, compassion, rage etc. allow you to see how the physical body behaves.  tears are a key!  We issue this to all of you who are healers, and also the scientific and medical fraternity.

For instance – sneezing is the suppressed emotions of what underlying feelings are attempting to expose.  Instance – when you blow your nose – it is blocked – it is an attempt to release tears that have been blocked/suppressed.  Instance – a cold, flu, asthma, hay fever, influences the body to attempt to release the toxins formed by suppressed emotions, otherwise expressed from the body in tears.  These particular maladies “cut off the breath of life”.  All other illnesses lead from these.  the immume system is “stimulated” by tears – there is a reciprocal arrangement here – a synergy.  You can stimulate the thymus with tapping and intent of activation and it will awaken suppressed emotions.

tears are your release from old outmoded beliefs and emotions – old patterning.  honour your emotions – honour them, for when you do, you allow the truth to finally come to you.  Honour the emotions and cry buckets of tears!!!  Use your tears to finally create joy in your life.  Use your emotions to show you what is appropriate for you. 

We offer these words of counsel, it is now up to you to do with them as you wish.  And as a final word – you have heard “I don’t know what lead me to cry” – “If it wasn’t so laughable, I’d cry” – “I laughed till I cried”?  Know, it is not really important you know the reason why you cry.  Just the act of crying, shedding tears, releases emotions.  Sometimes you just need a catalyst – a movie – a sad situation of another – laughing until you cry.  All is appropriate.  It is a way to honour emotion.

Love and Honour yourself as we Love and Honour you.  Express emotions you would rather repress – in the form of tears.  It is safe – tears are safe – no harm will come to anyone who sheds tears.  More to the point – it saves harm in every way!!!  Pay attention to your emotion/feelings, they are telling you something,

Be dwelling in peace as you are released from your emotional bondage.  We pay homage to you.

Your blessed Metatron.


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