I “discovered” whilst with a client – via Lord Michael - this very simple exercise which enables one to “see” the truth underlying concerns, or problems, we may be experiencing.  It seems these “conflicts” are always of an emotional aspect – with us, in some form of mental denial of our true feelings.  "Mixed messages" to ourselves (i.e. thinking one thing but saying another) and consequently to others, are the result - creating feelings of mistrust, anxiety etc. on all sides. Situations then become very difficult to resolve - the truth lying "hidden"!

By cultivating an awareness of Heart Truth, "conflicts" are easily recognised, cutting through blame, justification etc., eliminating the need to defend ourselves – even though the truth may “hurt”.   The truth of a situation can then be acknowledged and "owned" which are the necessary first steps toward the action of change in perception, attitude, then - reconciliation. 

"The natural state of the Mind is Wisdom.  ego - the small mind -  is 'free choice'! " 

Coming from Heart Truth allows for clarity of the mind, for wisdom to shine through, creating feelings of Peace.  It is easy to “learn” because we “know” it anyway.  We always "know" the truth of a situation, even though it is sometimes deeply hidden!

Being truthful to ourselves allows us to be truthful to others.  Trust and Peace ensues.

Have fun.  This I give to you with much Love. - Rae 



Channelled by Rae Chapple for Lord Michael


"The natural state of the Mind is Wisdom.  ego - the small mind - is 'free choice'!"

"Have you ever thought one thing and said another?  Have you ever felt one thing and done another?  If the answer is "yes", you have given, not only the other person mixed messages, you have been giving yourself mixed messages.  In doing so, true thoughts and feelings are denied.  Your truth denied to you!.  And, you wonder why your heart breaks, as truth is buried!  Your body breaks for it "knows" and stores the emotions of suppression within the body as discomfort or illness, in one form or another.

To be truthful to yourself allows you to be truthful to others and feelings of peace ensue.  Guilt, thence anger, or frustration are alleviated.  Truth often "hurts".  That is the reason so many deny their truth, preferring to become physically hurt, truthful thoughts and feelings locked away in the prison of your own making.

Can you ever be free if you bury how you truthfully feel and think?" 

To come from a state of Wisdom, rather than ego -

Allow yourself to be in a space of security and tranquillity, without interruptions.

Firstly – Give yourself permission to be “open” and receive – this is an act of intent. 

Physically - bow your head and look at your heart in the act of surrender. Close your eyes if you wish and speak the words with intent.

“I surrender my ego mind to my Heart Truth to enable me to find Wisdom of the Mind.”
           (this may be repeated three times) 

Ask the appropriate question. i.e. “What are my true heart feelings/emotion about this situation?” “What is the reason I am in this …..situation?  “What do I need to know?” 

Then, be still and listen to your Heart Truth.  You may also say with intent “I now listen to my Heart Truth”

When you receive the answer – acknowledge it – “own” it.   Then continue – knowing your Heart Truth has spoken.  (If there is any “denial” ask you ego mind to surrender to the heart truth again to enable the ego mind to "relax" – explain “This will allow us to have peace”) 

You may find at first, it is easier to ask one question at a time.  Write the answer down if you wish. Then repeat the exercise “I surrender…….”, and ask the next question i.e.  “Where does that feeling come from?” etc. …….

You will find very quickly you will not even have to write anything down – you will be able to have a very fluid “conversation” with your Heart Truth." 


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