Visual Identification

Channelled by Rae Chapple for The Great One
18th February 1998.

(Rae’s comment - The beginning of this channelling relates to me personally.  The Great One was giving me a little "prod" laced with humour.)


Greetings and salutations,

I am The Great One

We are all experiencing much jubilation, for that which you have, 'till now, forsook -  we see you have commenced your book! ( He broke into great laughter because I screwed up my nose) Good.  Should you need to expand, we will be available to give you a hand! - but then - are not we, as you see you?  (much laughing).  How does it feel that you kneel to our request? (theirs and mine)  Not so bad hey?  See?  It is just so easy when we all play the same game! (more laughter)

Now – you know me – the great one - by name and my identification (a “band” across my throat).  So it will be plain to you whenever I am around.  You “see” Metatron, as you know that one - and the identification (a half circular band on the right side of my throat).

metatron bears a similarity to me in identification.  This is because we merge as we purge all indecision - with your consent - from your physicality. 

You see, even here in our realm, there is a duality of sorts.  That He and I are the same, but known by different name/energy/identification.  there are others of like ilk, who – as it were – supped from the same mother’s milk.  a family tree you may call it.  All in all - be we of differing names/energy/identification – we are all from the same source ultimately, as you and others all be -  from his greatness

No matter how much one wishes to externalise and appear to be different, in your existence, you too in your realm are all the same – different name, different colour, race, creed - which is your identification.  You can all be perceived in biology, when those externals are removed - as the same.  You all have the same basic components, which net you into the biological group - homosapien.

what happens if somehow all external identification were magically removed and all of you - with your identification gone - were mixed about?  would anyone be able to tell, without their cover, who they were or where they came from?  What was their race or creed?

indeed they would not!!!  And how would you all be able to proceed, in this magical time, to differentiate who was who?  it would be up to each individual to try to prove/persuade another, of what that individual believed he/she was - what colour, what race, what creed, their identity!  What a task you would all face.  Always trying to prove who you were! – (pause) - But then – aren’t you always trying to prove who you are anyway - even though you do display your physical identification?!  (image of people seeking position material possessions etc. “proving” their worth.)  - (pause) -

Now I ask you.  can you - do you – understand, it has been by your demand/command, you asked for identification of name, race, colour, creed?  You all asked for – chose an identity - so as to avoid confusion! 

So then, I also ask.  What is the reason there is profusion of segregation, avoidance, non allowance, judgement, hate?  you made the rules and then abuse them as fools!!!

But fools - only of your own making - while we look on with our hearts breaking. (said with anguish) this preoccupation with identification, name, status etc. –is an attempt to shame others into thinking they are not the same.  – (pause)  -  And why would there be a need to shame another?  All have mother, father, sister, brother, son daughter, as you do! 

What is the reason for the need to hurt, to anger, to discredit?  Is it because you - or the other - perceives the other has more merit? 

Do you inherit your fore fathers perceptions/beliefs?  is it because you fear you are “less” than the other  – who “appears”, to you, to be “more than you” – which gives you no relief?

So much grief is caused, for not observing the Universal Laws of Love and Peace.

And so we all ask of you to reflect on that magical possibility and take the time to be find it within your hearts to be kind.  Kind to yourself, kind to others and release the bind in which you have allowed yourself to place yourself.

cease to operate from your - or  others – old fear and bring about a state of Grace and Peace, so that you may all face – identify – a most wonderous tomorrow.  Free of sorrow.  Free of hate.  Free of the shackles, which have held you to date. 

Make this you intention and see the prevention of all that has gone before and begin to abide and live in the universal law of love.

Ah!  And the Dove of Peace will land at your feet.

Till we meet.

I Am

The Great One from The Great Central Sun.


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