Know Your Greatness!

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron
30th September 1999

Dear Heart and Blessed Ones,

I Am Metatron

Let’s start with something “New”!  Something very few of you would even dare consider!

few of you are aware of how we share in everything you do.  Few of you know of this in the complete context.  Even smaller numbers are able to rent egos asunder to allow themselves to wonder at the simplicity of duality.  And again even smaller numbers are able to confront what is indeed the summit of all obstacles –your own greatness!!!  Dare you consider you are Great?

most people rate themselves as average, with only a few rating themselves Great.  So – (pause) -  What makes the greater majority’s inability to relate to their Greatness?    -  It is their own inability to see themselves in their “prime nakedness” – Naked in every aspect, as is a new born babe with a pure heart. 

in a new born babe, every single potential is available – so the babe is great – great in essence – great in potential – until that first instance of being “rated”!  Weight – length – colour of hair etc. - the new born babe now begins to wear ratings based on perceptions of what a new born babe needs to be. 

So – (pause) - in your infancy, you continue to be rated based upon one perception or another – lateness or earliness of crawling, walking, speaking – rendering sameness - and what expectations the infant needs to be meeting.  So – (pause) - Potentials gradually become limited/limiting by external expectations, giving the infant a sense of not belonging to self.

gradually the wealth of potentials and greatness at birth, is slain and lain to rest in the infant’s and young child’s breast, in their need to “fit in”. 

this is when the rot, of potential greatness fading in to mediocrity and obscurity, begins !!!

Very few are able to stand alone.  Very few have shown their full potential of Greatness.  There are those who have achieved Greatness, based upon certain perceptions within their society’s structure.  Many attribute Greatness to riches, many to holiness, to physical achievement, to intellectual acumen, philosophy etc.  However what one society may view and regard as Great – another may not – and so it is with the individual.  Greatness is measured in the eye of the beholder.  This is the reason why there is much interpretation of Greatness.

But what person really feels they are great by their own perception, their own view???  do you?  do you? Do you view yourself as Great? – We ask this of you. 

To pursue this question further – Do you think – could you believe – would you allow yourself to know – you are great?  Are you able to receive the mantle of Greatness? 

We hear you wonder “How?”  “How can I receive the mantle of Greatness?  Let’s not worry about how at this time – let’s just ask……

“Am I able to receive the mantle of Greatness?” 
“Will I allow myself to receive it – believe I am It - or consider the possibility?” 
“does greatness fit with me?”  

Ask yourself how you could benefit from your Greatness  -  (pause)  -

“Would I have to struggle anymore if I am Great?” 
“Would there be doubt on my part if I am Great?” 
“Would I have self respect and self worth in my Greatness?”
“Would I be able to make discerned, command decisions for myself because I am Great?” 
“Would I have security and reliability in my Greatness?” 
“would i be able to smile at any obstacles in my greatness – knowing
i will be able to overcome those obstacles because i am great?”

So then! -  Would it then be easier to receive the mantle of further Greatness, knowing you are Great, honouring your self worth.  (this allows for further changes in your life and consequently the whole)

We pose these questions to you in the hope that you are able to see the scope of opportunity available to you – be that you are able to view and know yourself as Great!  To do so will allow you to see how easy everything can be.  to see/view yourself as great, will enable you to make decisions for yourself, based upon an entirely different criteria/perception! 

This is when “things” will really begin to “move” for you positively in everything you think, say and do.  it allows you to step outside of the applied perceptions and patterns from the time of your birth and following.  (it also negates karmic/genetic patterning “left over” from other times) 

it will allow you to begin to realise your true potential based upon you knowing your Greatness!  Each one of you – able to achieve what you came here to be and do.

You see – your duality is a test – a test to see whether you are able to fully comprehend and see how Great you really be – even in physicality!  the reality of your greatness is enormous – so enormous for your physicality to comprehend.  Again – this lack of comprehension is part of the duality!

Allow Us to mention this -  the natural extension of realising your greatness is the commencement of understanding/knowing of all  “things” based upon wisdom rather than ego. 

Which brings us to this point -  Allow yourself to consider the questions posed about Greatness – Your Greatness.  How would you feel?  Would there be any need to conceal from yourself, or others, anything?  would living in your truth – the truth of your pure heart of greatness – have your heart sing?  Could you then be, or do anything –  allowing you to achieve your dreams?

know of your greatness.  reams of possible potentials are yours, for the knowing of your Greatness which makes your heart sing - fulfills the promise of all Universal Laws.  You may be sure of that!!!  greatness is yours – be that you believe, and know - from your pure heart!!!  Play your part, feel and know Greatness within your heart.

Your Beloved Metatron.


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