Loving Forgiveness

Channelled for Lord Michael by Rae Chapple

Many times, over many days, in many ways
 Man’s inhumanity to Man - fans embers of disquiet.

No respite from horror and pain,
  memories surfacing again and again,
  in a vain attempt to understand
  the need to have command over another.

In the memories – each day uncovers new opportunities,
  new possibilities,
  to recover a sense of Self.

It is in Self, where there lies the wealth of wisdom.
Freedom from the prison which binds –
  no longer the body – but the mind!

To find Self - which reminds of Your Innate Being -
  has fears fleeing.

To be seeing your Innate Being –
  a Being of Loving Forgiveness –
   alleviates the duress of retribution.

Loving Forgiveness – the solution to all conflict.
Loving Forgiveness – the solution to horror and pain.
Loving Forgiveness – of fears lain to rest.

Forgiveness – a test, for it is the one thing - many wish not to do!

Do you?  Do you?  Do You?

 Are you prepared to Lovingly Forgive? – so YOU can Live!


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Simply Love  -  Rae Chapple