The Mental - Life's Director

Channelled by Rae Chapple for The Great One
21st August 1998

Greetings, Greetings,

I Am The Great One from The Great Central Sun.  It is good to be meeting with you.

Some may say if there is no pain, there is no gain.  Well, I am here to tell and dispel this rumour.  The sooner you all realise that pain is only a perception, the easier will it be.  Pain is a feeling of something you are concealing.  Pain of any sort, is the end recipient of the sensor.  The trick is to determine the sensor and then you are able to lick over "old" wounds, which soon appear.  These "old" wounds are always of an emotional sort, to which you resort, to conceal, to still, the emotional pain. 

The physical body appears to heal, but it is the emotional pain, which bares old wounds.  So, time and time again, the old emotional wounds surface in one malady or another, and if not attended to, these old wounds will force your physicality to be "bended" in one form or another.  Muscles contract, tendons stretch, ligaments snap, bones break.  Oh, your heart aches with those old emotional wounds so needing to be addressed.  Organs and cells malfunction.  We can tell, you know about which we speak.  So let us seek. 

Do you wonder why the head hurts?  Are you alert to the tension in the neck, not to mention in the gut?  What do you suspect has brought this tension about?  Your head shouts at you to do something and so, what do you do?  Do you pop a pill, or, question for the reason the head, neck, whatever, is ill?  Follow down your back.  Is it feeling slack, as if it can't bear the weight?  Question what it is that makes it feel as it does.  And the question: "Is it my back, or is it lack of understanding of the "whole"?  Am I in separation?   Am I relating to each part of the body as separate?   Do I dislike, or hate that part so much?  Is this what causes me so much pain?"  Ask, "Is this not a part of me, an aspect of the whole of me in physicality?"

No wonder there is so much dysfunction!!!  Dysfunction, for you view the body as separate parts.

When you begin to access and address the body as a whole, as a total we, the synergy is created.  You, also see the body as only physical, but it is much more, and when addressed as we, the "individuality" of each aspect begins to understand, and integrate as an aspect of the whole, as a total.  Then, there is opportunity for the emotionality to surface, to present old wounds about which it laments.  These old wounds ultimately prevent harmonious physical function.  Old scars, old wounds of the physical, is the body's way to show that it has paid the price of some "vice" or another.  It is the "tag" that the emotional has nagged for so long, wished was "dropped", so the hurt on all levels can be stopped.  the physical bears the outward scars of the emotional.

You may note we have spoken thus of the emotional and physical.  Some may ask, "Where is the mental?"

Well, - the mental is the director of your life…… The mental is the director of whether you become ill or not.   The mental is the director of whether you fall off your horse, or course through the film unscathed.  The mental, as the director, can save you torment, or, create a hornet's nest of pain.  The mental, as the director, names the game and how it is played, how the film is shot, and whether it has a "successful" ending or not.  There is just one thing! .....  The mental does not have control of the "final ending". (death)  It has got to move over and let the heart "open the gate", so a new start may be made.

the mental is a slave to itself, save for the possibility the heart is called upon.  And, Precious Ones, this is where you humans truly come into your own!!!  This is where you have shown time and time again your incredible strength and wisdom, which would take a million of us to achieve in your realm.  And, this is why we ask you to believe and to know, how we honour you so.  Cease to deceive yourselves.....   Where you come into your own - is when, with all the angst, when, with all the pain and suffering, when the director of your film is planning the next shot,.....…….  the heart raises its voice and calls the planned shot a moot point!..... And, in doing so anoints with compassion and wisdom: offering the director another vision!

The transition is made Precious Ones.  Transition from one paradigm to another and, honoured ones find their way clear to a greater understanding of the mental’s capacity to be restrictive, or expanding into greater awareness.  No longer separate, but an aspect of the greater whole. 

The mental, as director, has the ability to restrict the emotional/physical from healing.  It has the ability to keep you tied up in knots, unless tempered with compassion and wisdom of the heart.  Your mental can, if you wish, dictate your whole life, your whole existence, or it can be asked to make room for compassion and wisdom, thus gaining greater precision and understanding of its aspect.

There is no need to sack the mental from its role, for then you would no longer be whole!  All that is required is for compassionate understanding of the demanding role the mental has felt it has had to play.  Tell it, it may take a little holiday, to give it time to “think”, and to allow it to sink thankfully into its new role: That it may now become we instead of i.

Then, the mental will be able to see harmony between All, is its very salvation, and the salvation of All. Jubilation will be witnessed.  All integrated, All accepting an equal share, All aware of the monumental task complete, All aware of the fallen masks.  All able to bask in Loving forgiveness and compassion for the way in which you previously fashioned your lives.  All knowing that the way to peaceful joyful existence is to be showing Loving compassion to All, for you are knowing of compassion and Love of Self.

Ah! The powerful wealth of visionary wisdom you humans hold. So, be bold, and find it.

'Till I sit at your feet, when next we meet.

I Am, The Great One from The Great Central Sun.


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