Morphogenic Resonance

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron and The Great One
15th July 1998

Greetings, Greetings One and All,

We - Metatron and The Great One - are indeed most pleased to be meeting with you again.  When we last met, the net total of the “smoke screen” - by some -  was seen.  The composite total is one step removed from the shoes in which you are walking.  We are talking here of your individual journeys.  Each walks a slightly different talk from the other.  This is a concept of the net total of the “smoke screen”. 

the composite total is an aspect of the concept you speak about – morphogenic resonance.  This may seem very convoluted - however, understand all concepts are rooted in morphogenic resonance.  The morphogenic resonance is created by the actions/vibrations of humanity’s mass “exciting” the ethers. 

the ethers are the “holders” or “releasers” of these vibrations.  also the ethers themselves are in fact vibrating energies, unable to be detected by you, due to the lack of synergy between the "two".  You need to proceed in a more harmonious state, before you are able to relate to these "latent" energies.

We have recently suggested the scientific community need get in touch with their spirituality.  Many will stand aghast, at what we ask, for in it they may see the demise of any rationality in research.  This may knock many off their perch when we say, there is no rationality in science.  Science's compliance to rationality has led to the reliance on fact.  but, we ask you, what is fact?

look back.  Fact - the earth was deemed flat.  Fact - the sun and universe revolved around the earth.  Fact - brain cells could not be replaced.  Fact - motion is dictated by mass.  All of these facts have made an ass out of the believers.  Believers are deceivers of their own abilities.  Believers are also able to substantiate their rational concepts!!! 

So – what happens to these rational concepts, when they are challenged, and other facts come along – “proving” the previous  facts not to be so????   ------  the new concepts  become fact and are substantiated!!!!  There are no lack of factual concepts!!! 

Now, those who are adept at guessing where this concept may be going, may allow us to be showing them an opportunity.  An opportunity to see their way clear, to allow us to steer them on a different course, to alternative concepts.

How many of you have had a sudden flash of inspiration, seen something strange happening?  These instances have given the opportunity to rearrange perception.  They have led to a further detection of a piece of the puzzle.  What we are suggesting is, if you cease to be limited by constricted “factual” viewpoints,  you will open yourselves to an upsurgance of “flashes”/inspiration and “strange happenings” -  for you will no longer be mapping out a limited course for your progression. 

The method by which you may achieve this open mindedness is to harness your own inner resources, offering yourself the recourse to become aware.  prepare for this “new” awareness by inner reflection, meditation – day dreaming, if meditation is seeming too much for you to swallow!  What this will reveal, is much of that which has been concealed from you.  You have concealed this new awareness by your own vibrations, limitations, adding to the collective morphogenic resonance. 

to enhance and “lift” the morphogenic resonance, to the synergy of all that Universal Energy offers, each person’s resonance needs to be “stepped up”.  Light/energy will become less bent, thus no longer having the need to prevent greater awareness and knowledge.

take note of the twins.  The twins are there for you to begin to understand - to see, how we (Metatron etc.) - and Universal Energy works.  the twins work in tandem.  They have a link.  They "think" the same.  What we suggest, is to view how these two work and how they interact with you.  Do you suppose, they know how you think ?  And do they "act" accordingly?  Afford the time to ponder on this.  Is this a reflection of what could happen, could be perceived, if all the scientific community were "linked"?  What do you think could happen if you all came from the same vibration note – energy note?

 What do you think could be, if you sought help - from such as we - through inner reflection?

energy is the sustainer of all matter.  thought is energy.  Again we quote the words.  "Things aren't always as they seem".  what can you glean from this?  what do you suppose the collective harmonies – collective vibrational energies - could expose?  We know.  Do you?  Follow this line of "rational" thought through (much humour) and see what you think.  Things could change in the blink of an eye!!!! 

We are

Metatron and The Great One from the Great Central Sun.


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