Mothers! - Come to the Rescue

Channelled by Rae Chapple
24th May 2001

Who so ever believeth in me shall be saved
No longer a slave to self or others -
 Realising all are as brothers.


Create anew for your Children
 releasing all that you do from millennia past.
At last, birthing a new day -
 Where old prejudices are no longer your way -
  Where forgiveness bears witness to new deeds -
   for which your Children, will be pleased.

No longer to carry the burden of past misdeeds -
 Past recriminations of past situations.

Relations healed -
 friendships sealed.

Teach to your blood kind - by example.
Extinguish the mantle of hate with ample acts of compassion.
Fashion your life - and theirs - from Love.

Your Children are aware from the moment of birth -

 and before -
 if the door of Love be open.

Allow Love for all to be awoken in your heart -
 for this is how, and where, all healing starts.

Know I have spoken this day -
 the 24th day of May 2001.



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Simply Love  -  Rae Chapple