Neglect And Abuse

Channelled by Rae Chapple for The Great One
23rd April 1998

(Rae’s comment - As often happens, I receive channellings when I am in need of them!  The following few days I had clients who came for “help”.  They had all experienced in various forms – severe neglect and abuse.  I was instructed to give them the channellings.  The effect was profound and allowed them to make decisions for themselves they never had the courage to make previously.)

Greetings, Greetings One and All,

I am The Great One – we hear your call.

Ah!  there is much to say on the subject of neglect.  That aspect that so many have knocking at their front door.  Neglect of self, neglect of others, neglect of your planet Earth.  This neglect comes from the dearth of love rendered to self, others and everything.

It is not only the neglect of remembering a birthday of a special friend, it is the neglect to amend all thought of neglect.  whilst you live in the state of neglect - you are unable to “protect” yourself, or anything, that may ring from untruth.   

And so we present to you a spoof about a nephew and an aunt.   

This nephew and aunt were always aloof from each other and were always at cross purposes. 

It is about the one – the nephew - who had striven for so long to have his aunt come along to his way of thinking - that in the blinking of an eye - he wonders why he has been written out of her will.  He and she were all the family they had.  “What was the reason she wrote me out of her will?” he ranted.

Time continued finding him in bitterness. Still it eluded him that - that which had confused him - is - she needed not to be taught of his ways, What he ought to have realised - is she despised his ways! - (pause) –  

All she wanted was for him to pay her kind attention, not to mention to allow her to live in peace!   She died an unhappy woman.

Now what was beneath both of their understanding – is - when both didn't bother about voicing their concerns and their needs -  both continued to yearn - to know - how best they could show how they really  felt about each other!  And so they skirted around the real issue and pursued their own ideas of things - of how they could help the other “sing” along their tune! 

They neglected to detect - to ask - how the other felt - what the other one needed.  They neglected also to voice their own needs!  Neither of them presented an opportunity for the truth to emerge, and along with truth - reconciliation and healing.   And so both – in this instance - “lost out”!

Now - We also consult the neglect of one neighbour toward another – the neglect of one nation toward another – the neglect of one religion toward another – and the neglect within all of those communities.  

In the fearful need to protect themselves and their ways  - they bring about violence and disharmony.  Alarmingly this escalates - and to date - there have been many people who have lost their lives, many who still do not return to wives and families.  Both sides neglecting to see that they are both attempting to protect themselves and their ways! 

The fear of another “invader” so near, disallows any rational thought and so both sides become caught up in the pointless struggle.  Neither side “winning”.  The cost is great and there is no way either side can make up the losses.  both sides neglecting to see that they all wish for – a place to live - in freedom, peace and happiness.   this is the heart truth!

All have a common purpose both sides, cannot - do not - wish to see! 

In truth – it is the fear of consulting the truth – that “drives” neglect of such a kind - as it is with any fear.  Truth, which finds all in the same boat, as they smote each other down.  neglect on a personal, family, community, national and international scale! 

The neglect on a national and international scale - may make the following pale into insignificance - but in truth - it is where much of the neglect begins.  Consult the following - and in some way it may help you to begin to “win” the other wars.

For many – and this is where hurt reigns – much anger and pain – (said with incredible feeling)  - neglect also comes in another form.  neglect can come with the new born babe!  It comes by those who wish to be saved the trouble of attending to the babes needs in some way.  Often, the bubble has burst as the babe’s needs “thirst” for attention!   They (parent/s) believe the babe is out to make their life miserable - and so they behave in an inappropriate fashion. 

child abuse is a form of neglect, and it comes from the aspect of neglect within the adult themselves –toward themselves!  Neglecting to “remember” how they felt as a child

there are many forms of child abuse.  This neglect/abuse may be seen as a form of patterning from one parent to another, throughout families. 

What we ask – is - that these ones who are now parents take the responsibility to see a prime opportunity to make amends – to ” bend/side step” – to get off the “track” that has bowed their backs, and change. – (pause)--  change! – (pause) -  Change, which can also rearrange - not only their children's lives - but theirs.  Change, which will produce favourable results and allow them to see the despair they have felt all their lives from the neglect and abuse they suffered.

The responsibility of a parent is equal to none.  You can see it as fun, (parenting) a great learning curve - as you swerve in and out of mishap - as is often the case when you are faced with a youngster!  or – you can continue in the old ways – those ways – which may have created abusive plays in your own  life.

What we wish to impart at this time - is that the only way any sort of abusive situation can be healed is - by those who are now parents, who have been abused – make a start - now!

How many have vowed when young, "I'll never do that - say that to my child" and yet find they do.  They pursue the same course their parents pursued.   They threw the vow out the door when they were stressed, frustrated, angry.  Do you see the old play is being repeated?  -  they (parents) have defeated themselves - defeated their own vow? 

We see - you are aware you shared such thoughts with yourself as a child!

So when it happens, there is guilt, bad words and actions have spilt over, old wounds opened, old memories awoken, there is hurt!  They (parents) Feel their past!

with the abusive parent- great anger is also awoken - at the past injustice and pain and somehow their anger has to “get out”.  It is “taken out” - on their own child - which represents themselves as they were!  they are really punishing themselves for feeling so unworthy - when they were a child - unworthy to be Loved!  their own child is/becomes them!  (I saw an image of the parent and their child superimposing and becoming as one)

Be alert to this, for it’s the prime time for change.  The prime time to rearrange old concepts. 

Some have already been very adept at seeing this opportunity and have changed.  Some have taken the responsibility to get off the old track and are able to look back without remorse - for they see the new course they haven taken - has shaken off the karma they bought through with them.  They have learnt, gain the wisdom.  The love and peace - for which they always yearned - they now feel!  And as a consequence, the karmic/genetic chain has been broken!  

By their awoken attitude, their children no longer have to bear that which their children came into share, (with their parents) as part of their agreed contract.  The agreed contract of abuse!  And by this very action, the planetary interaction and the inter reaction of All, is raised. 

We praise those who have taken this step.  We honour their journey, as we ask that they see how adept they were in seeing the lesson their own parents provided.  We ask that they no longer feel - and think, they are “divided” any longer by fear - for they have consulted/faced, fear.  And it will appear before them  - that those who they once feared - may now be viewed with compassion, gratitude and Loved.  Those, who once shoved them about, have no further clout.  They have no further need to harm - for they too have been disarmed!   

These ones realise - even though they may no longer exist in physicality - their job has been done and you have won the battle.  your cage is no longer able to be rattled by fear of abuse, for you behave and think in love, which sinks fear.  you are free!  You now live with respect, instead of neglect of self and others.

And so this may follow along the line until it encompasses All  - All of Mankind!

And so - in this new found respect - you find Love that abounds.  Love for yourself and the wealth of experience, wisdom and understanding gained.  Love, which has replaced pain.  Love that is not vain, but plain for all to see - that thee have overcome.  Know your journey is done, and you may live in health and happiness – knowing you will be showing to yourself, your children and mankind – the wealth of your own experience so they may, if they chose, also to enthuse in simply love.

This - my dear friends - is what fairy tales are made of!!!


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