New Phenomena – Energies to Come

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron and The Great One
17th July 1998

Greetings, greetings,

This channelling is a briefing about the "smoke" that will be/has been “seen” coming from far off in space.  This "smoke" is something about which neither of us has spoken at any level.  (I saw – more like “felt”/heard” – an energy “wave”)

We have - however, mentioned before - a smoke screen. 

What we mean by this “smoke” it is a twist in light that you have not “seen” - and cannot see.  This is the reason we wish to talk of it.  The "smoke" is/will be “seen”  by your observers - like a wave similar to the aurora borealis - when observed. 

Some have heard others mention they come from other dimensionS when they “see” these observances.  They are a phenomenon, which will last for many years longer.  This phenomenon will grow stronger and stronger during these years. 

they will behave like nothing seen before.  Observe – they will occur along with cycles of solar flares - so often reported on your television screens.  Their occurrence is the precursor to other phenomena.  These "smoke waves" and solar flares are to prepare for this coming phenomena. 

There will be a correlation of these events -to what some may call devastation - on your planet.  To lament such devastation will only prevent you from seeing what we are revealing to you.  It is all as planned.  between the "smoke waves” and solar flares, there is a “pull” upon the earth’s magnetic field and upon the magnetic structure within yourselves. 

It will also be observed during these times of "activity" that you will begin to see some very remarkable occurrences within the biological structure of humanity and your earth .  All are interconnected, and some of you will be able to understand and will find detected, between the three, how humanity will begin to be.  Remarkably, there are some already who are displaying such tendencies and these tendencies are being overlooked by those who regard - as truth - all they read in a book!

compare the time factors between the  solar flares, “smoke” waves and planetary disturbances.  chart  them and their activity on a graph and half of the reason may be seen as to what we mean when we say "things are not always as they seem"!  Look at the factors, and the detractors of sacred geometry may begin to understand the lay of the land, birth and astrology/astronomy.  All go hand in hand..  

correlate these against the sacred maps – adjusting the time - and perhaps, you may find something you have been looking for.  More on this matter at a later date.

We are Metatron and The Great One from The Great Central Sun.


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