Channelled by Rae Chapple for The Great One
12th May  1998

Greetings, Greetings,

i am The Great One.

There is much that will transpire.  Much also will be issued from higher realms.  many events concerning truth will arise – in plain view – right before your eyes!!!  Even attempts to “cover up” will not be successful.  It all is to be seen - to be regarded - as a clean slate.  These events will make many sit up and wonder what, how, and why, all these events have come about. 

Also - there will be those who shout of the end times.  Let these ones be, for they need to be as they are, until they become aligned and find their way out of fear.   Remember – fear is your friend!

Some of you may wish to pay attention to those who shout of such things.  Have we mentioned that you are all Creators, Creators of your own reality?  Well - you see - in this instance, this is what they need to see – fear!  Just be as you all wish to be, either living in peaceful harmony, or fear!

You are all so dear to us, even those who some may think, have "missed the bus"!  Realise, in the blink of an eye, they too (the ones thought to have missed the bus) are able to aspire to their hearts desire.  It is for all of you to allow - how the other wishes to walk and talk.  If you choose to talk about another in a derogatory way, this is where the “play” of judgement begins!

For you - or anyone - to win battles over fear, is to bring fear near to you, and this is what you all do.  You push forward into your own face- fear.  No one has to do it for you – you just let it in – allow it in! 

judgement is fear because you do not want to be near – to be aligned - with those whom your ideals opposE.  When you oppose another - rather that being in allowance - you are adopting a “superior” stance and attitude.  And where has superiority got human kind?  Superiority finds many in a constant battle, either in the mind, the home, workplace, in the religious sectors - or as you face another on the battlefield.  All because one or the other is unable - or will not - yield to the unassailable truth - that no one person, community, country - can hold aloof from another - as being better than another.

Rather than being unkind, or judgmental, it may be more appropriate to find what you have in common, what you may be able to offer the other, as you share interchange of your diversity. 

This diversity between peoples is offered and agreed to, as an element for growing.  Those knowing of such things are showing the way as many an interplay occurs within "mixed" marriages, mixed communities.  previously, no one race, or group were able to “carry” all the attributes needed for global harmony.  each group has “carried” an aspect.  What each kind (community/race) chooses and neglects to see – is - as each community "marries" with another, they have the opportunity to discover the “cover” that has kept all hidden, kept all apart. 

(The Great One was using the word “marries” in the specific and broadest context at the same time)

There have been periods of adjustment, during the “trial periods” of integration as you know it, the summation of which has been greatly reported in you press.  Many a mess has occurred during this integration, but what could be found - under those covers - are profound insights as to how the fights may be waived and many a life saved.  If, you choose to but look!  look at what the other has to offer.  open up as if you were all characters in a book in which you are seeking the ultimate truth. 

conflict will never cease while you continue to place another beneath you.  Should you choose to stand side by side – equal – and abide in love, peace cannot be denied you or the other.  You become as sister and brother in the same family tree.  The family tree of Humanity – (pause) - We see this as accomplished! – (pause) - Do you?

resolve the aggression first within your own hearts.  This is where the conflict starts - within your own hearts.  Address and acknowledge the reason for your inner conflict.  Acknowledge it.  Come to terms with it.  Learn of how you may resolve that which has kept a hold on you. 

That you do this, you will experience a wonderful state of bliss in your resulting forgiveness of yourself and subsequent growth.  Forgive, and be at peace with that which has ceased to have hold on you. 

Be bold, stand next, and begin to resolve and forgive all external conflict.  learn the lessons therein.  Forgive family, forgive neighbours, forgive all those you held in disfavour. 

savour the taste of budding peace from within and without as you are released from you bondage of fears.  Pay homage to yourselves that you are now nearer to total peace.  Recognise this can be done, all "battles" won, if you choose. 

Be allowing of those who tell it cannot be done.  There is no need to oppose, for that places you back into judgement.  just know within your heart, you  have made the start and cannot fail – you will succeed.  All fears pale into insignificance - revealed for what they are, a pathway to the shining star within you heart, your reminder of who you are.

And who are you?  Do you know?  Let me show you. 

I hold within my hand – behold - the Promised Land, where you may expand to your fullest Loving potential, in an exponential curve of knowing, facing the glowing reality of the essence of you that is Spirit.  There is no limit here! 

 let this be the year – the day – the moment of your awakening.  see yourself shaking off the shackles that have bound you from experiencing new revelations.  Witness with jubilation your newfound freedom and allow yourself to be as we.  it really is so easy - if you could allow - and see the simplicity of it all.

be – simply love!

I Am The Great One from The Great Central Sun.


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Simply Love  -  Rae Chapple