Relativity of Time

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron
12th December 1997.

Dear Heart and Blessed Ones

I am Metatron.,

What a start to your 50th. year! (referring personally to events around my recent birthday)  It does appear that you are on track and there is no need to look back.  Neither do any others!

You may think that it has taken quite some time (getting on track) but really, that is all in the mind.  time is only a matter of perception!  In one minute, a "life time" may be packed, such is the lack of understanding of time in your duality.

In our reality (Metatron’s), time is irrelevant.  It is being that is relevant, not when (time).  humans spend much of their existence in the resistance of time.  Always running our of time!!!  Wondering how it (time) will all fit into a particular "time frame/span"!!!!  (this caused Metatron great humour)

What is failed to be realised is man may hand to self  - the ability to foresee all which is necessary to do - To pursue a peaceful existence.  It is the resistance to recognise "time" as "is" that causes so much distress - and "running out of "!

So I hand to you - so that you may expand your "knowing" - that "time" will be showing you all where to be.

You see – time does not really exist.  it is by your creation that it exists!  and the twist to this tale, is that man must avail himself of his own creation!  (I received an image of man trapped/imprisoned inside a clock)

Man has measured time by the phase of the day/night, by the flight of the planets, light, and all that seems to be right.  But, it is mere perception.  The time frame - to name it - is not really as you "see" it - and this is what is so limiting to mans’ development.

You all lament the physicalness of time.  It is all of you who have created such a” mess“, due to your perception.

Should you refrain from naming time as you "see" it - All will be "seen" in a different light.  time is limiting you.  you have limited self.

This is no flight of fancy - by your time perception, you have been led to the detection of limited resources, limited your vision.

The precision of your present vibrations and situations can only "be" by your understanding of your present time perception.  This is the reason there are so many anomalies in your physicality - those which your scientific community see.

your duality is created by the "outdated mode" of physicality – in/versus time.

to refine perception of time - that it truly does not exist – will lead to the discovery and understanding of all your worries -  those relating to illness in physicality - relating to disharmony/anomaly in matter as you know it - relating to "space" - which in its very essence is time.  time – as you know it - is space /distance".  "Space" between persons, objects, planets, cells, atoms.  "Space" is time.   space/time perception influences matter.

the theory of relativity is based on the perception of your reality – your duality.  To “foresee” – how one need be – one needs to go into "space", that aspect of essence where there is no "existence" as you know it.  You Dear Heart – through whom we speak - have known this so well, in this lifetime and throughout eons of "time" - You like the pun? - see the fun in it!!! 

how does this sit with you?  I see the excitement mounting  - “denouncing” time as an illusion!!!!

Ha! - there will be much confusion about this one.  Let's see who will take it up and run with it.

Keep tuned, for already there has been some thoughts in you scientific community about time.  Their propensity to still "measure" by the old parameters length, breadth  depth, height- old perceptions is indeed their stumbling block, and so they continue to lock the door, even though it has been left ajar.  So far, it is beyond their perception.  For indeed, time is a method of control and for new insights to be perceived – control need be waived!

Control, that which man has used to enslave self and others to gain an imbalance of power/wealth.

Ha! so with stealth -some will begin to see how ‘it” truly be

Why do you think synchronicity occurs? - no time/null zone - It is when time ceases and all comes into line for synchronicity - no time/null zone - to be seen in your duality of physicality.

Good trick???

Think on it.  See how it fits!!


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