Remember to Forgive – Forgive to Remember
- Receive Your Akashic Records -

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron, The Great One, Lord Michael and the Multitudes from The Great Central Sun.
29th July 1999

Greetings, Greetings,

We come to you with great Love.  We are Metatron, The Great One, Lord Michael and the Multitudes from The Great Central Sun, from whence you too come.

We delight at your progress and you are greatly honoured for the journeys you make.  This day, this night we wish to speak of your fight with your saying - and the ability - to “Forgive and Forget”. 

Now this may seem strange to you but we ask you to remember, remember, remember - (pause) -  fan the embers of the memories of your past.  Fan them!!!  Allow them to expand into your consciousness. 

You look aghast at what we ask? - That we ask you to remember your past? – painful ones too? There are disdainful looks from a few of you.  We “hear” you formulate the question within your mind –

“Why do they want us to revisit our past, - dig up and find, feel, hurtful times?  Why do they ask us to remind ourselves of our pain?  We’d rather forget it all”. 

Some may choose to refrain from such a request - and let us tell you there is no less Love and honour we have of you - that you make such a choice.  However, there are indeed many pleasant memories if you wish to proceed with the request!

So here’s the test. 

Fan the glowing embers.  Fan them into a roaring fire as we reveal the plan.  Admire the all consuming desires all the memories bring back to you – the hate, anger, greed, lust as you thrust into your memory banks. 

allow yourself to trust in the process.  Blow the dust and cobwebs off the old files - the old memories - all the while knowing we are all with you.  That you do such a thing will bring you great rewards – rewards that will ward off your darkest times, as you look kindly upon them. 

Now here is the plan if you wish to proceed further –

the gift to allow you to heal all the rifts in you current life.  The plan -the gift -you so richly deserve, is to hand to you your records.  You have earned it.

you have earned the right to hold in your own hands, what is known as your akashic records!  This is the plan – the plan for you to be able to “own” your own records of your entire history of your eternity - Now - your lives history, revealing your current disposition – your karma – your genetics – the current basis of your dna.  In this way you will be able to view what has bought you to this present Now time if you wish. 

with this gift, comes the need for great responsibility and we suggest you proceed with such.  We remind you to be aware if you wish to share in your very distant past - as you know it - you do so with great discernment for you may find yourself “hooked in” and not care – or be aware - where you are Now.  Now is how you are able to move toward the future - as you know it- your future Now.  So please now, allow us to show you one possibility we suggest you may do with this bequest. 

In all responsibility, “keep” it (Akashic Records) in the safety of Love.  Open it with integrity when you are ready and wish to view how these records can help you – help you to remember – to remember is the key!    to remember – not forget.  To remember who you are now  - based on your history. To remember the joy - and the pain so you have no need to do it all again.

(Metatron now speaks directly)

Let me explain.  I am Metatron.  I have held, until this time, your akashic records.  By Divine Decree – Spirit, you, me - and that encompasses All – give to you the ability to recall all of your past thoughts, words and deeds if you need, to allow you to recognise and choose how you Now wish to proceed.  To choose whether you wish to go through the same “old” patterns, or learn from your knowledge and discernment of past “mistakes” and make choices from those remembrances of how you would rather be - what you would rather do, now that you have viewed the ramifications of past experiences. 

You may consider this schooling, a training of sorts, in taking the reins of your entire history and destiny.  What you do with this gift, is up to you.  You can use it to heal all the rifts in your life, or use it to lead you into strife by becoming consumed with your past.  Which brings me - at last - to the real test.  Many of you may have already guessed - many already assessed some aspects of past experiences.

We have asked you to remember.  We have suggested you recall past experiences, some filled with great hate, anger and pain – to remember them again.  Allow me to explain the reason we ask such a thing – to ask you to bring back painful memories – that We ask you to do this? We who Love you so?  You wonder - want to know - why We, who Love you so - would suggest such a thing?

- (pause) -  This is a time of great poignancy, a time of stillness  -  (pause) –

There are many of you in your communities who have fought in great wars, now carrying the scores of burdens such wars bring.  There are those of you who were born after the time of those wars.  However, in this lifetime, you have applied the memory and horror of how you died in those wars - by fighting against war - in your way, fighting for your freedom and peace, which you,  back then in past life - and those aged ones still alive now - fought for before!  Everyone, fighting for freedom and peace!

There are some of you who fought in those wars, and lived to tell the tale who honour their fallen comrades with a haunting refrain, ending with the words “Lest We Forget”.   The Anzacs.  The Anzac’s words “Lest We Forget” stand for everyone, for everything.  They (the words) say/mean – “We Remember, We Remember, We Remember”!  (whispered)

And Now Dear Ones, is how you can make use of the records in your keeping.  Not only is there great pain, hate and anger in war, there is great pain in everyday life, between husband and wife, family friends, whenever someone wants another to bend to their wishes.  By seeking out these remembrances, you may wish to apply the aspect of Forgiveness, which previously you have denied.

to remember and forgive allows you to render all actions of the past into the golden nuggets of wisdom.  Wisdom to create a peaceful vision for yourself, your family, community and internationally.  It is to remember the pain, the hate, the anger - to acknowledge and own the emotions - and apply forgiveness to allow wisdom to show you how never to embark on the course of hate, anger and pain again.  

forgiveness heals old wounds – old concealed emotionsthat have been “locked” into the body - releasing the pain.  Forgiveness allows you to overcome the disdain of another.  Forgiveness opens the way to no longer have the need to live to fight another day, but to live in freedom and peace.  Many of you through out many life times have displayed this ability. 

forgiveness of another creates immense potential – for it allows you to begin to forgive yourself. You are often able to forgive another, but are you able to forgive yourself?  Are you able to forgive yourself ? (whispered ) Allowing yourself be exposed again to “damaging” situations? 

Ah! Dear Ones, this is the cut.  This is the time when you need to remind yourself, kindly, with compassion and Love that you helped create the “damaging” situation because of your mere  involvement.  You consented to be there by your very thoughts, words and deeds.  Your actions led you there - placed you in those predicaments for a reason.  You created your reality by those three. 

You created the reality of the situation to learn – to gain the wisdom from the experience – to be able to discern from the wisdom gained, what to do when you feel that inner knowing something is amiss. so honour yourself and forgive yourself too.  This, many of you are learning to do – forgive yourself.  We Love and Honour you in your journey toward self enablement.

this is the reason for the gift.  you have earned it.  It is there to help you further heal all the rifts still within your life - for any hate anger and pain is within you.  These and other emotions are there to help you overcome your burdens – they are part of the gift!  Everything is yours – everything you think, say and do. 

Now do you understand the command, the power you wield/weal?  (There are two meanings of the word weal.  Metatron  wishes for all three meanings to be understood)

Your Akashic Records reveal to you, all you have ever thought, said and done.  Use them wisely, with integrity and discernment.  learn how to forgive, laugh and love again.  Never again to forgive and forget because by forgetting, you may also forget the forgiving!!! 

Instead, remember the Anzac’s refrain – “Lest We Forget”  - remember to forgive – forgive to remember!  Temper your life with this wisdom and see the vision of peaceful coexistence emerge.  See Loving forgiveness surge through the corridors of your mind enabling you to find freedom and peace. 

And if – at this moment – the next moment you make a mistake, we suggest you remember it – rather than as so often is said or thought “Aw! forget it it’s nothing – it’s OK  “I’d rather not remember/ be reminded of that” and that is precisely what often happens – you forget it and make the same mistake again!  Remember – Remember – Remember - and gain the wisdom!

This gift we (including us) bequeath to Thee.   In this, we honour Thee.  With this, know - we Love Thee.

We All come – in great Love for you - From The Great Central Sun.


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