Are The Sighted Blind?

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron

1st September 1999


Eyes are clouded in judgement for those who despise truth.  It is when you realise eyes are only an aspect of one of your senses, all defenses to truth will be broken down.  Eyes are unable to “see” the crown of glory all wear.  Despair, suffering and pain will never be yours again when eyes look from within your heart – into another heart.  It is when you depart from “heart felt sight” you depart from eternal truth – eyes smart with tears, for your own truth is in arrears.  Start seeing what your fellow man is revealing to you.  Are you fleeing from your eternal truth?

For one day and night, imagine you had no sight.  You feel all alone – thrown off course, for you can not see – no choice – until……..(pause)…. You hear a voice – someone coming.  You have no sight remember?…….  And you delight at the offered hand, the guided help, allowing you to expand your confined awareness.  Not a word is said – instead, gentle hands fan your fevered brow as you wonder how this one understands.  The cooling touch of his hands does much to relieve how you grieve your loss of sight.

You weep, for lack of sight keeps you from seeing this gentle stranger.  Warm strong arms calm your sobs – there is no alarm – this one, you know, has no need to harm.  Softly, so softly, after you are fed, the gentle one leads you to your bed and draws up your blankets with tenderness.  There you lie in your darkened nest, wondering why this has happened, why you are unable to see.  The gentle friend bends and sits beside the bed, stroking your head with tenderness.  You sleep  -  and keep your  appointment with your eternal truth.

Dawn finds you waking, shaking from the realisation you won’t be making the trip you had planned, when a hand touches yours.  Your eyes fly open……..  the stranger has spoken……..  and, suddenly you can see – aghast – for you suddenly know this one is your dreaded foe!!!! 

Screaming, you back away, for this was to be the day you were to slay the one in front of you!!!!  Does your mind play a trick?  You feel sick and lick your lips with fear as your foe, you now see, draws near to you.  You see a foe.  This is the one you have been told - and believe so - is foe, and so you hold a grudge.  This one has been judged as bad and evil, because he does not “fit”.  You shrink toward the door as this one crosses the floor – you are sure, soon you will be dead. 

Instead, a gentle hand extends – and - you bend from the sheer Love of it.  So near, so near …… no leer on his face, as you feel him place his hand on your arm.

It is the hand of the one who guided you last night.  The one who fed you, then lay you on your bed.  But……it is the dreaded foe!!!!…… it must be a mask, it must be a ruse?  Confused, you ask if he is the one and the same.  In a thick accent he tells you his name, his dark face calm, telling you no harm will come to you.  You ask “Why?…”  for you can not deny you saw him as foe, your nose dripping with tears. 

He explained gently, how for years he had lain in hate - for you see, he was injured in battle by one of your kind, and was made blind - and he vowed one day he would find a way to wreak revenge, when a miracle did mend his eyes.  It was only then, did he realise those, who had tended him, had been his foes.  Without his sight, he had no need to fight, for he “viewed” them as friend!  He continued, his voice as strong as his arm - that when he saw you – he knew what he had to do.  Even though you were foe, the one on whom he could avenge his hateful past, he knew at last this was not the way he could live another day.  So he held out his hand to an old foe, in gentleness and forgiveness, for he did know what it was like to be without sight.

You look at him in disbelief – and great relief when you are suddenly overcome, as you sink to your knees.  Your body heaves with a sob as you now see the one who offered you a hand in your time of need and despair – you are now aware you would have slain – had you seen him walk through the door yesterday.  “My God” you sob – “Now I see – you were just like me” – in judgement and hate until  sightlessness did make him a new man and teach him how to extend his hand in friendship.  You vow and declare your newfound sight has made you aware – we are all the same! - maybe different race, religion, name - never the less, all the same.  “What a shame.”  You think as you link arms with your newfound friend and walk out the door to a brand new day.  “What a shame all were not lain blind until they find friend, rather than foe”……..

You know - Really there is no need to be lain blind, rather to step out on a limb and begin to find, to “see” we are all the same and extend a hand in forgiveness and friendship and amend old thoughts and old ways.  It all depends whether you wish to continue to remain a slave to old ways and behave in old ways and continue to fight within the old ways.  Maybe, just maybe, this day, this night will give you considerable insight - without the need to lose your sight!

See as we, all as one family.



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