Channelled by Rae Chapple for  The Great One
19th February 1998.


Greetings, Greetings,

Ah!  so the sound hails for us to avail ourselves. (I had just thought of The Great One!)

Sound - as sails on the wind.  So, where do we begin?

Sound - let us explore.  Sound - encompassing varied shores - suggests even before one is seen- one may glean that they are of a different “note”, different nationality.  (language -  His energies were incredibly “strong”.  Sound seemed to really “inspire” him.)

Apparently - even within one nation – sound may even enhance, or not, ones "credentials" before a first glance!!!  status!!! - Status perceived by the sound of a spoken word!  So absurd - if one can be believed by sound - whilst one is being possibly deceived!!  (Class structures and dialect)

Such is the "importance" of sound in your social hierarchy.  Sound - that on so many occasions has caused teeth to grate - until finally the social state has been altered by revolution, which in itself - has added to the confusion and finally disillusion of the masses!

Sound is not the only effect that causes regret.  However - notice that as one gains import, how the sound of voice changes as they exhort and influence to sustain their position!

Sound has also caused much derision, and we wonder the reason why sound is the cause of some not seeing eye to eye, because they may come from a different place. 

just as your face is part of your identification, so is sound -  Language, tonal structure within the language, offers profound insight into the harmony – or plight – of the user.  As we have mentioned before when speaking of biology of Homo sapiens, you chose to have differences in sound for identification.  It is, as is colour, race, creed, part of the/your identification, and also part of the separation.

This separation brings about - through identification - separation not only between individual, status, nation, but also the separation between physicality and spirituality.

sound may offer the scope through which you may cope with your separation between nations – for instance – in the use of music!

the language of music is universal!  The sound may offer profound joy.  Many have found solace in sound, in a love song, the love that they identify and accept in a song, but for so long  many have denied for themselves.  The sound of music has often left many teary eyed!

Now that is a small aspect of sound you may recognise.  But do you recognise the vibration of sound, long after there is no perception of sound as you know it?  This is where sound has such a profound effect. - That aspect of sound, which you are unable to detect.  As a string on a guitar keeps vibrating long after perceptual sound is no longer heard, so too does the sound of voice, vibrating around the world and far into space!

Now, where would that place your words/works of anger – of hate?  How would you be able to face your best friend in an attempt to amend spiteful words, if they could be heard at a later time?  -  the vibration could be plucked from the ethers and be "replayed"!

Let me tell you, sound is an aspect of the recording of your earth’s history.  There is a litany of sound that one day will be found and tapped into! 

There are a few devices on your earth, are there not? - devices you have already got up and running to capture this sound?  (tapes, disc, TV, radio, the internet.)  You are now able to capture sound from space?  And before long you will come face to face with the words you spoke last year – for you will have the ability to hear them!!!

Does it appear that it may be appropriate to amend you words, if they may be heard at a later date?

sound is a vibration – as is light.  You perceive, and believe that light "travels" vast distances, then is it not possible that sound does too?  Light , as you know it, is not obvious until there is a surface upon which it may reflect.  Could this apply to sound? 

You see, you perceive only that which is based upon your defined parameters – senses. You may soon find those parameters do not apply "outside" your realm. (known universe)

sound and light are as one!  It is only your senses and measuring devices that detect them as different. - Separation again? (said with much humour)  In an instant they could be rearranged.  sound creates “heat”, as does light. -  By an increase in vibration.  Sound creates heat by its vibration.  Your senses are not fined turned enough to detect.  Why do you think there is greater global warming?  it is not only due to the burning of fossil fuels and the like, it is also due to the proliferation of unharmonious sound!  Sound of anger, rancor, impatience.  Ceaseless ringing of the phone?  How does that sound have you behave?

You may dismiss this with a wave of the hand.  But, think of how you behave to sound.  Have you found solace in sound, peace, harmony, or anger, hurt, impatience?  Stay alert to this, for you may miss some useful insights which may help you solve some plights relating to your environment. 

All the requirement is for you to benefit, to speak with love in your voice, see what follows and the choices which will then become available.

I am The Great One from The Great Central Sun

Ask your Great Ones (leaders) to sit around the table and discuss the possibilities relating to the fuss over your current economic woes. Has this not stemmed from the sound of broken promises, hollow words?  Ah Hu! you have heard this before!


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