About Rae
I know first and foremost that I Am an Emmisary of Love – a Being of Love - just like you may be, if you so choose.

As Rae Chapple - a wife, mother, and grandmother, I also physically manifest my life within aspects of roles.  Take away all of those titles, all of the “roles” we “play” and I am physically just like you, a sum total of all of my life's experiences.  During the past twelve years particularly, I have come to understand and know this, and I take full responsibility for every thing I Am and stand for.

I can remember very vividly at about the age of three or four, when you didn't need to lock doors, we would sleep outside on the front lawn under the stars, thinking how close they seemed to be, all I need do was reach out and touch them.  I wondered if our Earth looked like that too, so small but so big and somehow "knew" about atoms and came to the conclusion that maybe we were a part of someone's big toe and I knew of the connectedness of all things. This became known as Rae’s “Big Toe Theory”!

Years later I used "techniques", on my children in their times of illness and anxiety, becoming aware on a conscious level of what I had been doing when I participated in training as a teacher of The EMF Balancing Technique® -  the very same "techniques" I felt I needed to use for my children and subsequent people who came to me for help.  I thank Peggy Phoenix Dubro for my training in the EMF Balancing Technique®

As a child, I also used to dig in the garden for "diamonds", knowing there was a place that looked like them, hence my Love of crystals, and my training with Trisha Ellis in the art of crystal work, also the knowledge that I had been involved with crystals during "other times".

During my childhood, adolescence and as an adult, I often rallied against any form of injustice, always asking questions and attempting to right what I perceived to be wrong, always feeling that if everyone could learn how to Love instead of hate, the Earth would be a wonderful Garden of Eden. I have often been called naïve, but I would rather be considered naïve, than have no hope of such a possibility.

It was when my Nanna died in 1991 that I became a little concerned about some of my thoughts and actions, because she used to "visit" me and we would spend many happy hours "chatting" together on the front verandah.  Little did I know at that time, she was a "precursor" to visits from "Others".  If any "Other" had communicated with me, especially an Archangel, without me first becoming comfortable talking to my Nanna, I know I would have totally dismissed the thought, or more to the point, severely questioned my sanity, and run a million miles in the opposite direction.

Slowly, slowly, "Others" came to speak to me over the next few years.  I became aware of many present during these times, never feeling threatened in any way because they all felt so beautifully Loving and one in particular, very "huge".  At this time, having been through a lot of soul searching, I became aware of Reiki.  I participated in Reiki 1 & 2 courses in 1995, which coincided with my "other friends" often commenting "Oh, Oh, here comes the Big M." 

The Big M became known to me by several strange coincidences with remarks from a few people who told me someone called the Big M wished for me to recognise his desire to speak to me.  One day, whilst at a seminar, the Big M communicated with me - through me! - and introduced himself with the words.  "I Am Metatron".  I have since overcome the problems I originally experienced with channelling Metatron - feeling like I had a football in my throat, learning how to structure channelling time to enable me to do everyday things etc.  The rest is history!

I verbally channel Metatron, The Great One, and Lord Michael.  I often channel Uriel in written form, and occasionally Sananda and Gabriel, obviously when it is appropriate.  Metatron is, as it were, my soul connection.  I often wake, communicating with him as if we are brothers.  Most times I remember these "dreams" very well and other times - obviously because the time is not right – I have a vague feeling I know, but can't "put my finger on it".  Metatron is now so much a part of my life, it is like he is a member of my family, he is a part of me!  My business name - Simply Love - was a collaborative undertaking, because that is what "They" and I stand for - Simply Love.  It is the basis behind everything - it is what makes everything  "tick"!

There were too many channellings to list on this web site, so with the assistance of Metatron, six were initially listed and since then, others have followed.  I hope you benefit in some way from them.   Enjoy the Loving words and wisdom.  Also be prepared, if you wish, to "open" to other "possibilities" many of which are referred to in the medical/scientific area.   For obvious reasons, we have chosen to list these channellings apart from the others, for then people have the choice to specifically seek these out if they are interested. 

Simply Love yourself enough to be open and receive. 

Much Love - Rae.


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