The Tortoise and the Hare – “Revised”

 Toward the “I AM” Concept

Channelled by Rae Chapple for The Great One and Metatron
31st March 1998

(I have been instructed to include the following channelling, even though it relates in some instances to me personally.  My colleagues wished to demonstrate combining of energies, which has direct reference to the combining of old and new paradigms – also a demonstration for myself to trust in what I am channelling. 

I have to say, when I first began channelling anything which seemed “scientific”, it was very difficult to bring the information through, because I seemed to often “stop” – fear, I suppose!     Rae.)


Greetings, Greetings,

There are this day the two of us.  You are aware of the double load energies present.  We wish to share with you some information. 

The last two transmissions have taken on a slightly different format, in that they are not necessarily in rhyme.  The time for this is not totally over, for it is an aspect that we do not totally wish to neglect.  However, please be aware that each transmission will be given as appropriate.  Rhyme may at times be an impedance.  (I have been told that rhyme has a particular energy apart from the energy of the “direct” message)

So at last the task for which you have contracted is coming to hand.  Please ensure that you do not allow the allure of time on your hands to slip away!  There is always time to play and time to work.  To delay work has frustration ready to lurk at your door.  Do we need to say more?   … Good.

Today, this transmission has a dual purpose.  It is for you to be in receipt of the two modes of transmission.  The precision by which you duplicate the information will be tested.  Arrest all thought of what you ought to do and just go with the flow.  As you know this is the best way.  Delays are allayed.  Now, yes you wait.  Do not -  good you allowed that to remain.  (the previous eight words were a test to see if I stopped typing to change them)  The name of this game is purity.  Resist  the attempt to correct.  Just allow all that “comes into your head” to flow. 

There you go it is easy.  --------  Just keep attention.  Resist the urge for the mind to wonder/wander.  ----  You will be stronger for this.  ----  Tis a piece of cake?   ---Make doubly sure that you have your full attention on the matter - yes it was to be a task - at hand.  We will be demanding much of you in the light of purity.  It will be your security.  Security is lack of fear.  Are we clear?  -  Good. 

Write?  Write – ”do you hear this note?” What does it sound like? Is it external or is it in your head?  What are you meant to be looking for?  Look for something unusual.  Yes you have picked up that which we have mentioned – look -  Listen for something unusual.  Yes! the train whistle.  It seemed close? All sounds seem close?  Like it is just at the window?  This is what you will begin to experience.  Sound is being bought forward.  You will become very sensitive to it.  And you have just realised that you are typing with your eyes closed much of the time!!!!!  This is another aspect that will continue.  It allows you to keep your head out of it.!!!!! (great laughter.  They often derive a great deal of humour from things they say)  So how does this little lesson fit with you?    (The train track is a couple of kilometers from where I was sitting and I was typing with my eyes closed!   I laughed too and began to feel more comfortable.)

 Now what we need to do is give you something to think about.  There is no need to shout your objection!  This will be most pleasant indeed.  Now let us proceed.  What you have believed in the past, can no longer last.  What we ask of you is to completely empty all files.  This may take a while, but it can be done if you wish to come to the realization of spiritual jubilation.  These files relate to all aspects of karma, genetics, anything that you may have heard or read.  Instead, allow us to reprogramme how the “i am” concept may adapt into the new millennium. 

This I Am concept that has been, is now seen to be out of date and will not mate with the new energies.  all that has been written - and espoused – has been done so within the paradigm of past times and so holds that energy (past).   there have been many changes since then and when changes occur, there is the allure to either run with it or sit on the fence in the old ways.  The "running with it" is not able to fit unless the old thought processes, old patterns, old energies of the old paradigms are placed where they are meant to be -- in the past -- so that at last you are able to move forward.  Gain the wisdom  from all these aspects and then move on!

There is a fable, a parable, about the tortoise and the hare.  The hare ran fast, but the tortoise passed him and won.  However, the tortoise carries his ways on his back, which added to his lack of swiftness.  He would always have to go slow.  He carries all his old ways with him and so he will always experience delays. 

Some may think that the hare is very smart. He starts – always - at a very fast pace, but is delayed along the way due to his incredible ego.  So ---  now you may ponder on the tortoise and the hare in a different light!  The tortoise may have won, the hare may have lost, but at what cost to the both of them!

When you are able to see the new paradigm in this fable. it may enable you to understand why we demand of you - that if you wish to expand into the greater consciousness – all old thoughts/patterns need be integrated into the past

be unlimited in thought.  thought is indeed the creator of your reality.  So can you see the sense in this?  To unshackle the mind that has kept you blind to the true reality, has blinded you to your true physicality, has blinded you to your true spirituality, is the method in which you may lead yourself into the new paradigm. 

find the underlying wisdom.  Some of the time you may find that there is a need to consult the old, as long as you are bold enough to continue to proceed within the new paradigm and not become trapped (in the past).  It is for you to create your own map - to adjust when you feel you must.  What we do recommend, is that when you wish to amend the map, ask assistance from your inner guidance, your higher self where the wealth of all knowledge is gleaned.  Honour self first and then "back up" with assistance from other sources. 

Ask for leads before you proceed.  learn to read your body,  for you have taken it on to experience spirituality through it!  Your body you have taken on, is able to fit into the new energies, so honour it.  it is the house where spirit sits, in this reality, so honour it.  Learn to discover, through your body, new delights.  Allow to drop away, the fights you have with it.  Honour it for you have made it what it is!  Your body is the one thing which causes much confusion.  This confusion is an illusion set up by your concepts, those old thought paradigms.  Exist in honour so you no longer have to dishonour your very reason for being.

Some thoughts to consider hey?

So now we are away and leave you to freely pursue what/who you wish to be!!!!

We are The Great One and Metatron from The Great Central Sun.


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