Truth Reigns Supreme

-Also for Mother Earth-

Channelled by Rae Chapple for The Great One
19th April 1998

Greetings, Greeting

It is pleasing to be with you again. 

I am The Great One,

We notice that many suffer from disdain at this time.  It will continue during the next few years, with many organisations, many countries in conflict.  Many of you will become “involved” in some way as you watch the interplay on the international front.  Some of you will find yourself in the thick of this conflict as truth unravels.  Many others will fall off their perch and received severe gravel rash!  accountability will see figures of great note being smote down as the whole system is being wound down from the old to make way for the new. 

truth – truth – truth reigns supreme!!!  truth will always be seen at the “end” – to enable everything commence again!

Also there are many questioning their roles in work, family and play.  Many who feel ill at ease.

Now it may seem strange, but this does please us all so - for you know - it does herald much change that is to come about.  There are many who will shout as they are dragged out of their comfort zone and flung into the unknown.  Here they will hone their resources and set different courses for themselves.  Many old concepts will be taken down from dusty shelves examined and disposed of in an appropriate manner. 

We ask that those who are experiencing such dilemmas, view them with love and compassion, for in this fashion they will detect the underlying truth - for, that which did fit in their youth, fits no longer.  Realise you will all be stronger for the experience - if you are able to learn - and turn what you perceive to be a negative, into a positive.  Some aspects of what you once believed are no longer.  often the truth hurts, so be alert to the mental's tricks in its attempt to have you stick to the old ways.  To do so will only render further delays to your spiritual evolution.

And so you will find - that in time - you will wonder why you had not made the changes sooner.  This is the time of the real test.  Will you accept your journey with compassion, or will you give yourself a hard time wondering if you would have been further along the line if you had moved sooner?  Realise, that this is an aspect of regret, and where does regret get you?  Wishing for might have been?!!! 

Let it be seen - that to view a sequence of events, “wishing for might have been”, from where you are now standing - would be like handing a loaded gun to a child.  You were not ready!  To judge where you were then, from where you are now standing, holds you in the past, unable to make a totally fresh start within the new perceptions – “wishing for might have been”! 

To continue to apply these old paradigms whilst you stand in the new energies will render you misaligned and you will find blockages will occur, to stop you from attempting to go further. 

What we ask, is you bask in the self realisation, that all which has happened in the past has bought you to now. - That the past is an integral part of the journey.  the past is to be honoured no matter how awful it may have been – this is how wisdom may be gleaned -just as where you are Now, is honoured. 

Where you are Now could not have occurred - or be the way it is - if it weren't for the past's journey.  So look at your – and others – journey with a compassionate loving heart – and then, and only then  - will you be able to make the “new start". 

Be smart in you thoughts.  all thoughts create matter, reality, situations, this you may already “see” and experience.  So if you choose to dwell in the old ways, what will happen?-----

Also, how many instances do you see yourself, or others, "stuck" repeating the same scenarios – same “mistakes” – time and time again?  This is because the lessons from the previous experiences had not been truly learnt, the truth being spurned because it possibly hurts.  Be alert to this.  This is another aspect of reapplying the old paradigms.  Until the lesson is truly learnt, you will be unable to fully “move on”.

The old karmic processes – old perceptions and ways of “doing” things that no longer suit the higher purpose of yourself and others - need to be integrated and mated with love.  then they fall away of their own volition, for there is no further purpose for them.  This is when the way is clear for much to appear.

your mother earth needs your assistance – not only from land care - and ceasing conflict and ravages upon her, until she is bare and barren – but also by your intent.

So - I wish at this time, to convey a little about “grounding” – the method by which many of you give your intent to be connected to your Mother Earth – to enable you to be effective in your physicality.  I am aware many have been expounding on this matter and it may appear as if I am hounding you all once again.  Many have made a vain attempt to ground for a time and then thought "Oh, I'll be fine!"  Let me say, that to pay close attention to grounding has a dual purpose. 

When you ground, sink your roots deep into the nurturing energy of Mother Earth - you are not only being nurtured in your physicality by Her sustenance she provides for you - you may also nurture Her in kind.  we ask that during meditations and your grounding process you also give intent to anchor into the earth – the light and love of spirit through your bodies.  By doing this, not only do you nurture  Earth Mother and her ability to make changes for herself - you also nurture your Spirituality. 

Through you, your Earth Mother is able to receive a greater quotient of Spirit’s Love and Light to aid Her in Her healing process.  This has a compounding aid effect - for She is hard pressed during these times to sustain Her life force, due to the ravages rendered upon Her.  in this way each human is able to help balance the very lopsided energy exchange that has continued for so long. 

the truth of the matter – is – (pause) - everyone at some time, in some way, has rendered disrespect physically to your earth mother.   Many are now helping this imbalance with recycling, etc. - being more selective about their life style – however there are still ravages continuing.

We honour you all for the work that you do to help and assist your Earth Mother.  We ask that you envision her as healed with every thought process about her.   To dwell in the negative - to give your energy to all the unharmonious aspects that are happening - only supplies further energies to those "negative" aspects. 

As an example:- instead of “fighting against war”,  “fighting against destruction of rain forests”, “fighting against nuclear energy” - See the negative?   – “Against”! – “Against” whatever it is you are against - focuses on that very thing!  You give your energy to the status quo, as if it were the way of things!

So – “fight/work for peace  “work” for retention of old/rain forests, “work” for alternative energy.For”!!! - “For “!!! – “For” is positive, giving energy to the way you see the status quo –the way it Is.   Work for it.  Change the negative into a positive!!!  See it done!!! 

To fight “against” whatever, will always render a hard fought journey - will always give energy to the very thing you wish not to be - and cause a long drawn out process.  To fight against is always going to have you behind the eight ball, for you are admitting that that is the way it is!!!

So, can you see that just to change perception, to changes emphasis, to the positive, you are defining how things truly are?  See yourselves and Earth as healed, and it will be so.  Think /see/know peace and it is - and so it goes.  Do this thing and we will sing and rejoice as we all combine as one voice to sing praise, that we are no longer a slave to the old ways.     

All take heart, for the part you play will defray any old paradigms.

Stay aligned - mind all your thoughts - for indeed they do create your reality! 

I am the Great One from The Great Central Sun.


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