Vibration of Time

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron
13th January 1998.

when you are in a particular/different time, a particular/different place, you interface with that very existence.  If there is resistance to that existence, is it uncomfortable? - and so you choose to move or  “fit in”?

And it also happens in other dimensionalities or existences.  What you all fail to see -  because you are not there – there is no way you can be fully aware of, let alone share in that existence.  you  may only “note”- by your reality – of how it be in other dimensionality.  And if I may quote "things aren't always as they seem"  (Great mirth, because Metatron was quoting Himself)

Reams of documentation, of hypotheses, have gone into how it must be in/on other planets, solar systems.  the parameters by which all is measured/based – can only be made by your existence, your reality – where you are.

If you could but see that all is so close, most would be in fear.  It is by your year, your date/time, that you make these assumptions.

mass and time need to be aligned to truth.  Truth, that expression of love.

depending on the love vibration, such other existences can only be seen in a linear time frame.

vibration, love – or lack of it – creates distance, creates mass,  the very "gas" that was the cause of all coming into matter.  matter is just an expression of vibration – vibration is just an expression of love!

The greater the Love, the "higher" the vibration.  the speed of light - vibration of light – is only measured by mans’ delight at/of his existence!  You often hear one say "how time does fly!"  You wonder why? 

Has it ever occurred that the very reason why time does fly, is because of the increase in the planetary vibration or the situation’s vibrations.  time is vibration.  vibration – time – defines distance.  See the paradigm? 

Can you see, that if you are really enjoying a concert, the music swelling, tears welling triggering goose bumps, it appears that the experience is lumped into five minutes!  And, with a bump you "come back to Earth" to that particular time/vibration in which you now resonate.  What has happened, is that during the concert, all were vibrating at a Higher rate, thus altering one’s perception of time.  The enjoyment, the Love has hastened time.

Be that one is bored at the concert, time would be perceived to drag.  Such a lag is a perception when ones comes back into the reality at the finality of the evening.  Boredom, lower vibration, lack of Love for the concert, created the lag.

had this love vibration been assessed/addressed at the  time the theory of relativity, energy and movement had been espoused – mankind would have been “allowed” to see a very different picture!

Think on this, see how it fits.  At the period of the most difficult phases in today’s existence, how does time feel?  Does it reel off in an easy fashion, or does it appear that one is no nearer to a solution?  Think of this conclusion.  If, instead of worry, one felt Love, vibrated at a higher rate, would the solution be presented in a hurry?

To take this one step further:  if one was to “make all  vibrate at a much faster rate – to vibrate with love- - how could this affect travel/distance? 

distance is time – defined by the speed of light.  So can you see where mans' plight has got him so far?  Consider, how far would your nearest star then be?

Do you see, if the love vibration of mankind were increased, man may be released from his bondage.  Pay homage to self - to the wealth of information that may be gleaned - for "things" that may have seemed impossible yesterday,  today, not so.

So, how far do you wish to go?  All may be nearer than you think.  In the blink of an eye, you may wonder why you hadn't "seen" it earlier.

Well, here's the catch, until man can "match" a higher vibration it cannot be seen.  Do you glean what I am implying here?

As has often been espoused -----  Where there is Love there is no fear ----

                                                       Love - Higher vibration

                                                       Fear  - Lower vibration

How clear can I be!!!


Does it appear something need be done if the “battle” is to be won? (I saw battles between nations etc.  Researchers meeting “dead ends" – many different pictures)

Thank you Precious Ones




(During the channelling, at various times, the formula E=MC2 “appeared”, revolving around and around.  Coming apart and combining in a different way, upside down, round and round, back to front - like a computer screen image being “manipulated”.  Again I "saw" E-MC2 as being skewed – sort of like the vibration of light being “increased” or “decreased” which would

 then affect the aspect of mass and energy – almost like the equation was “reversed” - with the light component changed - which then changed the mass / energy aspect .  How can I say – sort of like  Light of whatever speed/vibration = the resultant mass / energy.  I don’t know how else to describe what I “saw”.  It  seemed like an explanation to things like black holes, physical “impossibilities” and a “guide” to other dimensions and realities – many things which are observed but which we have no explanation for, based upon “known” theories.  Could it also “smack” of  evolution?)                                          


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