Channelled by Rae Chapple for Archangel Michael
8th September 1997

Hello my Dear Ones,

I Am Archangel Michael.

It is good to be near you again.  Suffer not with disdain for it is plain to see you are attempting to be circumventing some aspect of ego.  Remember, as you know, you are in physicality, and unlike me, are subject to such lessons!  allow yourself to shower yourself with love, even Love of your indiscretions, for this is the fastest way of overcoming.  When you are summing up all you have done, realise, just by your recognition of indiscretions, you have won most of the battle.  The rest is to meet the final test and not digress again.  However, if it so happens, realise, once again, you have gained greater insight over mans’ plight in his physicality.  You see, you truly are in duality, on your plane (Earth).  There is no other place that causes so much pain.

This may be hard to face but I assure you many more, wish to come to your plane, to experience this duality.  What most in physicality fail to realise, is it is almost an impossibility to exist on your plane and experience total spirituality.  What a test!  Most also fail to see is that physicality is what you are all truly wishing to see, to experience.  If one peeks under the covers, one will realise that no other place (Earth) offers such a challenge.

That you all manage to make a reasonable "fist of it" astounds us so.  This, you may wish to know, is why you all are so honoured.  Time and time again to place yourselves, yet again in line, (after passing over, to come back to physicality) to experience even finer tests.  With zest, you return, to learn, to grow, and as you know all grows with you. 

The "work" you all do is crucial to the evolvement of the entire cosmos.  this is why you are so honoured!!!   You have all returned, knowing you sacrifice the comparative ease of spirituality.  (existing on other planes)  the very aspect of duality is the hardest test ever given, and as each one who has striven returns to the plane from whence he came, he is honoured, blessed, given a rest, until once again he is on the line.  Many a time we find that one returns to experience the same things, such is their dedication.  and you wonder why we shower you with such elation when you "join" us again?!!!

Who, but you humans on your plane, could do such a thing?  This we sing with praise.  We tell you this, but still it does not allay so many fears during your years on Earth.  In duality, there is such a dearth of self  respect and self Love, for you all appear to feel you are not worthy.  i tell you, you are worthy!!!  So far, very few seem to wish or want to imbue themselves with Love.

(imparted with incredible loving tenderness)  Oh! Worthy you are, worthy in every way, even those who slay another, even those who have disrespect for mother, fathers, sister, brother.  You all neglect to see the propensity toward lack of self worth, self Love, creates the very dearth of Love in your own life, orchestrating lack of respect, lack of Love toward another, causing unloving action.

you are indeed all worthy, for if it weren't for every journey, every obstacle overcome  by many, there wouldn't be any point in anointing at the end of it.  (at passing over).  There would be none, who would sit at the feet of His Greatness, who truly had arrested all aspects of lesson.  Know, that what you do -  that you just existing in duality, is a feat indeed.  I plead with you, know your worth.

Are you not made in His image?  Have you forgotten?  So, worthy you are!!!  You are all shining stars.  Your light spreads ever so bright throughout eternity.  Dispense with this fight with self, else this time round you will be unable to experience the offer to self, of profound vision. 

know your worth.  We all "rely" on you.  Should you spy through the veil, you will see it is we who also need you.  For you see, you in physicality, are the only ones who can "easily" raise all vibration.  In your existence, unlike ours and many others, the foundation is created.  (to “easily” raise vibrations) This is why you are so honoured!!!

It is plain that we all rain upon you our profound Love and respect, and yet you still neglect to see the incredible part you play.  It would be as if all the actors went home, no scenarios would be created, no cause and effect, (karma) and we would be left looking at an empty stage.  Where would that leave the viewer, the audience?  Fewer and fewer would arrive to see the play; until -  nothing.  And, as a consequence, all /everything would have to be started again. 

Understand, there is an order, a natural progression, and successions of generation over eons, build up to certain vibrations transcending the physical understanding of Man.  This is why we honour you so!!!  There is truly not far to go in the great scheme of things.  All we ask is for you all to realise your worthiness, to love and honour yourselves as we do.                     

we love you, we honour you, we "rely" on you so we may be able to meet our destiny too

You see, it is so simple.  All you have to do is love self and one another.  you are all so worthy of it.

Your most trusted friend,



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